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Saturday, 12 January 2008


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You just saved myself many, many hours of reading *cough*dpreview*cough* forums. Where I would have opened a thread like this I can just think back to your version instead. I won't miss a thing.

Can I borrow the noose when you're finished with it?

Also richly ironic is that in a separate "mycam" thread, a user says he chose "mycam" vs. the other brands because the "vueron" shooters were too defensive and fanboyish and closed to criticisms of their brand.


Funny as hell Mike,

I might add the context of where this originated and or post it directly in that thread if you want to be really funny.

Both your post and the featured comment have brought me to tears of laughter. Trouble is, it's all true.

Dear god,

You have just managed to summarize every single forum out about camera purchases with that post! Truly brilliant, insightful, and funny all at the same time :)


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