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Sunday, 06 January 2008


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I became a fan of Mr. Keppler in the early 1980's when he was writing for Modern Photography magazine. His personality came through in every article and made me feel like he was just another guy like me who enjoyed photography. He had a unique style of writing that wasn't over my head when I was brand new to photography, but could still keep me interested as I got more knowledgeable. I will certainly miss him whenever I flip through a copy of Pop Photo.

Herbert Keppler's column was always the first thing I turned to in Pop Photo. It was always interesting. His column and those lens tests are the only reason I've been subscribing the last couple of years.

He'll be missed.

Sad news about Herbert (and Oscar as well of course). It was just on Friday that a co-worker was showing me a copy of Pop Photo and I wondered how long Herb had been writing for them - I remembered reading his columns for as long as I can remember.

He was a great man who really helped move the industry forward and always made professional results seem accessible to ordinary people.

Like many other readers, I grew up reading the columns of Herbert Keppler in both Modern Photography and Pop Photo. He championed good equipment reviews. More importantly, he stressed learning the craft of photography and to just go out and photograph. Others have said it since, but he stated more than once that even the simplest camera was capable of taking great photographs. I will sincerely miss him.

Wonderful tributes to two fine men. Thank you so much.

I remember when I was a child seeing Oscar Peterson hosting a chat show on the BBC. He was an entertaining host and always managed to work some of his music into the proceedings. It was the first time I'd heard jazz and it sparked off a lifelong interest.

A great man indeed.

Do not, under any circumstances, miss the Oscar Peterson and Lester Young album. A true gem. so is "We get requests".

Burt Keppler was the first photographic writer I can recall reading. When my interest in photography began in the early 1970's I would occasionally grab a copy of Popular Photography just to read Herb's column and peruse the voluminous ads.

It's my impression that he had a pretty good life. Thank you, Burt!

My god. I will miss OP a lot -- the best of my childhood...
Thanks for posting this info, seems that on my area nobody cares about one of best jazz pianists ever. Mike, Your site IS a GEM. This mix of art, music and wizdom is very well mixed together. And reading this site, I understand that photography is art -- You may dont believe, but this was a problem here in Estonia at 80-s (-;

Wow, two personal heroes gone to the great beyond. I got my start in photography in the '80s, and read Modern Photography cover to cover. I still have Keppler's column in my browser favorites! And of course, as a jazz fan since the '70s, Peterson's flying fingers on the keys were and are a big source of grins. Both will be missed.

One could argue that the current generation of photo gear "measurebators" got their start from Keppler's lab's reviews, and some may complain that Oscar's sound was too busy... but on the whole the world is a better place because these men did what they did.

thanks for your great blog and for the wonderful interview with Oscar Peterson.

Is there any site with some of his pictures? I would love to see them. I wonder if he has off stage pictures of musicians, It could be very interesting, an insider view. like Milt Hilton work.

Thanks again for sharing so much with all us out there.


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