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Tuesday, 08 January 2008


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It seems that this song is actually a bit of an a cappella staple now. I think the version by UCLA's Awaken Acappella (also on myspace - awakenacappella) is rather better.

Neither are quite as great as the original, though.

OK, maybe this aint legal or ethical, but if you play the song from Myspace, it gets downloaded to your hard disk as a temporary file. Just save it and you're done.

Thanks for turning us on to that. Whew! Beautiful!

Lovely, thanks for posting this Mike.

I also listened to the original and the UCLA version mentioned above. I think I like Transit's version the most, it sounds just a tiny bit more refined to my ears.


Mike---the Imogen Heap version is available on a compilation on emusic.com called "The Art of Chill 2".

Yours in c60ness....BB

The original is a bit too much like Laurie Anderson but still somewhat better than Transit. (myspace.com/imogenheap)

But I do I find this one okay.

Anyway, the atmosphere of this song reminds me of Gabriela Robin's _Green Bird_ from the Cowboy Bebop anime series. Yoko Kano rules. :-)


(It's wrongly named Green Bird_s_.)

OT OT: Cowboy Bebop is one of the better SF series I've seen, although not as good as -also anime - Ghost in the Shell, second season. That one beats the pants off oodles of real-actor SF stuff.

This doesn't sound like pure a cappella singing to me.

Rather, I think there is harmonic augmentation using vocalizer synthesis - voices lowered by, say, an octave and added to the mix, and a vocoder (sic?) kind of modulation.

Then again, my sound card and speakers are definitely not up to Mike's specs! :D

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