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Sunday, 30 December 2007


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If you want to know what they ate, it's on this site--


I don't know which is worse, the pictures themselves or the fact that I have taken wedding photos like them and received good reception. I think I need to go lay down.

After the mall shot site I was off to "artistic nudes", right hand column. You can't miss the modestly placed copy.

Yeah Mike Hess, I took a few of those double-exposed portraits back in the day. What was I thinking?!?

Ah those wine glass shots are n't they the classic 70's wedding photo? Does anyone still request those?

Sure, make fun if you want, but are they any worse than having some guy's feces in a can?

Happy New Year.

This is a classic. I really had a good laugh. But what is really sad is that photos of this caliber are still being produced and are being prominently displayed by the sitters. And like the cockroach's claimed ability to survive a nuclear holocaust the Mullet hairstyle, or mutations thereof, still thrives in the South.

"Looks like this was dad's idea" is now removed, with a graphic of the words "Image removed at request of owner." What was it?

Mike, you might have mentioned wearing "Depends" before reading these. Thanks for the laughs--Happy New Year.

"'Looks like this was dad's idea' is now removed, with a graphic of the words 'Image removed at request of owner.' What was it?"

Oh, too bad. It was a family all dressed as vampires, all looking very unhappy except for the father, who had a gleeful and self-satisfied grin on his face.

I wonder if this means the gleeful vampire father reads TOP? (g)

Mike J.

Not the happy vampire father, Mike, but possibly an unhappy vampire son?

My personal favorite is its a vagina, madam, not a clown car, though. I'm going to need pour Clorox in my ear to get that mental image out of my head.

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