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Saturday, 01 December 2007


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Congrats Mike! The success of T.O.P. is so well-deserved. Outstanding site in every way.

Year Three? Heck yeah! Year Four, Five, Six. . . .

Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

congratulations mike! i have t.o.p. in my google reader so i don't miss a thing.

Currently working on Malki's Legacy:

Mike, I like to think that I made my contribution last Christmas by buying one of your "Migrant Mother" digital prints.
Which reminds me, I never did that comparison with the Aperture Gravure. I'll try to do it shortly.
PS, Happy Birthday.

Congratulations and happy birthday -- and put up the full-time Amazon link. I've bought a half-dozen books from recommendations here, through the Amazon link at the top of my browser page. Nobody but Amazon profits from that...


There is simply no other photography site that I have found that compares favorably to TOP. Or even comes close. Art. Historical perspective. Philosophy. Gear. Off-topic musings (to keep us alert!). Humor. Divergent views on just about everything. Tech. Old School. What's coming. On and on...and it keeps getting better! (Not to put any performance pressure on Mike...)

Happy Birthday, TOP!

Many Happy Returns. TOP is usually one of the first things I turn to after reading my email.

Keep up the good work!

As we say in New Zealand, "Hippo birdie two ewes". And many more.
Great site, compulsive daily viewing, great links. My wife is a Maine Coon fanatic and commented over my shoulder on the cat, and got the "lynx" pun immediately.

As a former 37th Frame subscriber who didn't get all the issues paid for (I think -- not 100% sure), don't worry about it. Obviously, I can't speak for anybody else, but I've gotten my money's worth of content many times over.

Keep up the good work!

Happy birthday! Here in Denmark, Europe, we sure appreciate your intelligent and useful observations at TOP. Keep it up!

"I still think I owe the original subscribers some added value, but I haven't come up with what to give them or a good way to deliver it."

Don't worry. Yes, I am one of those original subscribers who never received all the printed issues of The 37th Frame that they had paid for, yet I think this site is so interesting that it certainly makes up for the loss.

Best regards


Congratuations Mike. You're an excellent writer and I've been following your musings since I discovered the SMP on photo.net. Yep, I'm a Thirty Seventh Framer, but as I mentioned a few weeks ago in an email, I feel that I've received plenty of value and more than my money's worth with your daily dose of prose on TOP. I was all set to make a modest donation at that time, but got distracted. So.....here it comes. Keep up the good work.

Happy birthday Mike,just love this site keep it up.Currently reading "Why People Photograph" by Robert Adams which you suggested also bought Ansel Adams "400 photographs"which I've found disappointing find alot of his work uninspiring,personal view no wish to offend his many devotees.Anyway hope you've benefitted monetarely from my purchases.

Happy Birthday!

TOP is by far my favorite photography site. All my photographer friends are now hooked as well. I miss the Sunday Sermon, though.



Congratulations Mike and Happy Birthdy T.O.P. I too was a 37th Frame subscriber and have never been troubled even slightly by the switch from the newsletter to the blog. Even better in fact as it is one of my "speed dial" sites along with Luminous Landscape to get my first photog/jazz/editorial/opinion fix of the day.
I am sure it must require huge energy to keep a fresh, daily post going but as is often said, in slightly different circumstances, Yes, Yes, please don't stop!

Well done and congratulations. Keep the site going as I am absolutely sure you have much still to offer.

Congrats, Mike. As well, thanks to Ken Tanaka and the others who made my dinky donation pale in comparison :)

This is a fantastic site and I look forward to each new entry.


All the best. And happy birthday.
Keep it going, I learn something new every time I stop by. And I stop by every day !



Hi Mike,
Congrats on the anniversary! I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog since I discovered it about 18 months ago. I find virtually every article interesting - even the ones about things that don't interest me! Keep up the good work.



Thanks for all your efforts - great stuff. Put up that Amazon link - I'll use it!


Congratulations and thanks for a refreshing individual take on this fickle world we call Photography!

... much valued.

A magazine I subscribed to recently went out of business. They sent me a CD-ROM containing most of the content from every issue (exceptions being where the rights negotiated with the author did not allow it). Probably not practical in your circumstances, though.

A good balance of atmosphere and content guarantees success... Congratulations!

Congratulations, Mike. This is always a terrific place to come out and play. Looking forward to Year Three.

Cheers, Yvonne

Congratulations! Simple solutions abound to your inequity problems. One, how about offering free downloads of out-of-print essays or other materials to your 37th Frame readers? Two, how about dedicating one month of donations to paying down your karmic debt to same? Three, how about offering to mail those folks some other print thing that you have in stock? Four, how about just keeping the possibilities open until you receive a complaint from those folks, then offer to send the complainant something of equivalent value? Because I bet you don't really get many complaints, with all the content you have online here and now.

A belated happy second birthday. I'm an old 37th Frame subscriber, now enjoying the gentle but penetrating opinions expressed in "Why People Photograph," and also enjoying the intellectual company of people met through their participation in TOP and other blogs. No regrets.


"Too bad, but I don't like blinking ads.)"

Bless you!

If it were not for ad filtering software, there would be many sites I just could not visit, like my favorite DVD rental service LoveFilm.com (a UK business). Not only do their ads move, they make noises too! Puke.

Happy Birthday! I love your writing, I love the blog, I love the off topic content, it's my first web stop in the morning, and I look forward to year three!

Congratulations on starting your 3d year of TOP. It is an addiction with me - and one of my first stops daily on the internet. As an enthusiastic, but inexperienced amateur picture-taker, I find the content thread enlightening and somewhat fascinating. It's fascinating to see what gets real experienced, dedicated photographers wound up and this site often does that. Keep up the good work.

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