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Friday, 28 December 2007


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Enjoyed these Mike - you should make the exception more often

Nice bass.

That looks like a New Glarus Brewery "Spotted Cow" he's drinking. Pretty good taste. Though I prefer the Uff-da Bock, or new Organic Revolution! I got married in New Glarus and just passed through there on the way to the Christmas party for my wife's family. Great little town.

Looks like a good night out and the "old" camera came up trumps, especially for web posting the quality is nice. Pixel peepers would probably complain about noise etc. but think how much better these look than if they'd been done with ISO 1600 film - a case of digital being the right tool for the job methinks.
Best pic I've ever seen of that Zander, he looks happier with a tool in his hands......

Cheers, Robin

Great idea and good cause!
Looks like everyone had a good time :)!

This subject reminds me of some photos I took earlier in the year, in Australia there is a day where a lot of people shave their heads for the cancer charity 'shave for a cause'. It's a brilliant gesture that is a great example of how far people are willing to put themselves out for others. And a brilliant cause.

My dad had a close call with cancer this year, although neither he nor I had any idea what was coming when I took this picture:



Mike -

And you thought cameras were expensive. Welcome to that select group of parents who have discovered the expensive musical instrument. Can you say Strat? - Strativarious? - for years and years and years.

What a great idea! My son is learning drums I play the guitar and my daughter sometimes sings and I will mention this to a few mates and get them to check you out. It looks like every one had a great time....now you have really given me an idea. Thanks very much.

Keep rocking,

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