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Tuesday, 11 December 2007


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The picture is right side up. It is the NEW YORK TIMES that is upside down.

No, I turned my head, and the photo is OK. It appears that the printing is upside down.


This is aimed at the large format photographer market only. Don't know why they forgot to flip and reverse the letters, though.

I think it was made during his famous tour of Australia.

Those are inversion boots (early prototypes) he is holding his hat so it didn't fall off.

So that is not a Georg Baselitz painting of a Olaf Wieghorst painting? Or maybe a John Baldasari painting after a Georg Baselitz painting of a Olaf Wieghorst painting of a cowboy dressed up as William Cody?

I have a feeling the text is only shown on the website. I hope they're not so crass as to print "The New York Times" on the actual photo.

It's not upside-down. It's what the photographer saw on the ground glass.

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