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Monday, 31 December 2007


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Happy new year Mike!

Mike, wow, look at all that snow! For folks like me a million miles away from that kind of
weather, it truly looks amazing. (Thought it was gonna be B&W till the figures kicked in at the bottom). I for one would love it... all those photo ops as well.
You didn't say; are you a snow lover?
Dennis F.

PS. 35-40c during the lead up to Xmas here.

Lovely Mike, I'm green with envy. Here in the western Washington lowlands were lucky to get any snow and when we do it's gone in a few hours. I miss winter! Thanks for sharing.

great shot !! Brings back many happy memories of when I was a youngster.

I remember a few of those scenes from my days in Sun Prairie. It is the -20 degree days in January that make me glad I now live in San Antonio. It was 70 degrees here today.

Have a safe and very happy new year.

Happy new year Mike! It's been 2008 here for two and a half hours and so far nothing too dramatic seems to have happened...


Sawadee Pee Mai! That's Happy New Year from Thailand - where we had it 8 hours ago or about 13 hours before you. Unusually quiet around here though.

Thanks, Mike, continue in the great style.

Happy New Years Mike!

The postings on this site have been the high point of many a day in 2007. Enjoy the snow over the remainder of the holidays.

Thank you Mike, and also to your occasional co-bloggers, for a fun(ny) magazine, an absorbing techy read and lots of solid journalism. Oh, and the photographs. ;)

Keep on keeping on: we all look forward to much more of the same in 2008.

Photos like this make me homesick for my native Wisconsin. I moved east 31 years ago, where winter storms are typically "snow-to-sleet-to-rain" or "rain-to-sleet-to-snow" (with wet or frozen slush, respectively, as the remnant on the ground), rarely the fluffy white stuff that made for great snow forts as a kid and fine photography as a high schooler and university student. I still love the shot you made out your front door last year (actually Dec. 2006, I believe), and now I get to enjoy gazing at this one!

Thanks for all your posts and info in 2007. I will continue to be a loyal reader in 2008.

In Melbourne, it was 41C at 7.30pm on New Year's eve. That's 106F for those who don't do C.

This is what West Michigan looked like on
Dec 26 at the south haven pier. THEN we got
all that Lake Michigan (lake effect) snow on
New Years. (10-20" by some counts).


Greetings for the new year from Kalamazoo,MI


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