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Monday, 24 December 2007


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The .mov is 153MB, that might explain why it takes a long time to load..

You could just use 'save target as' on this link: http://www.ramirezpix.com/Santa_1/Santa.mov

That shouldn't time out and you can keep track of the progress.

I wonder why it's so big (huge) though.. A photo essay can't be more than 10 MB in the proper format.

Merry effing Christmas, dude!

Hope to see more critical insights and useful reviews on this site in '08.

Keep up the good work!

No wonder it goes so slow... It's over 150MB. Maybe if you can try w/ another browser, eh? (Opera user here)

And that pic is just after the beginning; there are some series like in the stop-motion movies, and quite nice at that.

As delightful Mr. Ramirez's series is, I'm afraid his web skills are not up to it.

A 150 megabyte QuickTime file! And it took more than a hundred downloaded megabytes for the slideshow to start playing. Even on my 2 Mbit link it took almost ten minutes. Ewwww. You just don't do it like that.

Me feeling cranky on Christmas morning? Naaah...

If you want to see it, try right clicking and saving the actual .mov file. Then you can just wait until it's all there and watch it in one go without stuttering:


Thanks for all of your work... it's a wonderful resource. Happy & Merry...


Minor puzzlement. I downloaded and viewed this very charming little piece, no problem.

But the file size I have for santa.mov is just under 56 MB.

What's going on with the additional 100 MB that people are reporting???

jest curious.

pax / Ctein

No mention on the program this is done on? Soundslides....a very easy program to learn and use for everyone .... at a very reasonable cost...Photojournalist Joe Weiss is the inventor/programer check out his site...http://www.soundslides.com/

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