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Friday, 07 December 2007


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digigraph 2 billion:

And you're going to call film photography "anagraphs" I assume? Or "chemographs"? Both capture light so "photograph" covers both.

At one photograph a second it would take over 63 years to look at all the pics on flickr. I wonder how many will be uploaded during that time? Considering flickr will be 4 years old in February, the numbers are staggering. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to double. Any guesses?

Charlie H.

The kodak gallery et al are more popular than flickr? guffaw

Pbase is number 98? That's funny considering just how bad the other 97 "above" it are...
Pbase isn't perfect, but it is absolutely clean.
Most of the others are full of ads and sign in requirements and spyware.

Strangely, out of those hundred and one sites, the ones I know best are not included, or I missed them. How about Pbase, PhotoSIG, TrekEarth, TrekLens, TrekNature and blogspot? There are others too, I am quite sure.

Unfortunately this looks like one of those lists where the lister doesn't know much about what they're listing. Some of those are software sites offering downloads. And the idea that PBase is the online site for a magazine is exactly backwards. The magazine came about and is produced by volunteers who use the site. One can presume that the order has nothing to do with popularity and wonder how the sites chosen for "most popular" made that grade at all. A quirky list if ever there was one but nonetheless it does turn up a bunch I've never seen and omits several that are worthy of addition. Take altphotos.com for example. The site's a bit of a mess but the keen (seemingly mostly eastern european) photographers keep it considerably more interesting than plenty of others.

I think Photography is in fine shape, but it evolves. George Eastman of Kodak used to say that it's not about the photography, it's about the memories.
And there will always be memories.
Memories are like stories. some are better than others and we remember the best ones.
In the 1980s they said magazines were dead because of TV. But magazines specialized and now there are more than ever.
It just gets more complicated, which is why it is so nice to have people like Mike who can lead the discussion and help us share ideas.

Don't avoid smugmug because it's a "social" site. Trust me, you can be as anti-social as you want. Nor does it have spyware, etc.

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