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Thursday, 13 December 2007


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Reading you in Paris.

Maybe it has to do with the recent legal troubles Amazon is having in France: Free shipping is unfair competition.

Hi from Paris!

You definitely have at least one regular reader over here in France!

Leaving aside the simplistic issue of speaking english (although it is real)...

It might be a cultural thing: the french aren't particularly getting the concept that instead of going straight to Amazon to buy something, they could just as well start from a site like yours and help out on the funding. Money remains quite a dirty word over here.

But then it might just be a matter of getting more french sites linking to you, the internet has a strange geography...

i'm here as well Mike, from France, le beau pays
site not active ? they must be blind...
take care

Just a note to record that this regular visitor to your site is located in the South of France. Keep up the good work.

Yeah I read something similar about competition regarding shipping prices. Glad people are clicking through on your other links :)


Hi Mike,

I am in France, and I enjoy your blog very much!


Pardonnez-moi pour shouting, but maybe they can't hear me.

Wasn't that until a while ago that you could get almost everything through amzon.com?
Now I can't link German products / books no more in my widget (that sucks :( )

Oh well, I'm glad you get some business via the amazon link :)!!

Weird with that no traffic thing though :S
Was the link installed right?

also reading you in Paris.

From the french Alps...

I suspect that when they said not active they didn't mean "not busy" but actually that something was wrong and they didn't connect to your site properly. Unless your'e otherwise sure I'd try again as I have had similar trouble in the past - not with Amazon but with google. They hit my site at some moment when it wasn't responding correctly and then reported it as not "active", meaning not even there, and so it got dropped.

Yet another french reader!
Weird - hope they'll fix that soon...

Another one from Paris... :-)
As someone else posted, the local web culture is peculiar, for the least...
Most photography inclined reader of your blog would find it a good excuse to stroll in the Parisian streets to find a book you would have recommended instead of clicking on a link !
It could allow for some lengthy chat with the library owner or some other customers and a nice café terrace pause to look at the new acquisition :-)

Another reader (and regular amazon.fr customer), this time from Provence.

Hi Mike,
I'm another french regular reader and occasionnal amazon customer. I wish you bonne chance with you affiliation with amazon.fr.

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