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Monday, 03 December 2007


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"As I write these words, there is a stack of them in the Eastman House bookstore discounted for $49.95! My advice: buy a copy now while you can."

I logged onto the George Eastman House Shop (http://shop-eastmanhouse.org/) but could find no mention of this book. Hints?

I just looked for this book at the Eastman House website and it's not listed. Can you give us the link to this bargain.

Call them? A remaindered or sale book is unlikely to be listed on a website, especially one as cursory as GEH's.

Mike J.

As I wrote in the note at the bottom of the piece, I have not been able to find a source online.

Mike J.

I, like Mr. Wittig, probably have more than enough books on photography. But, I felt the immediate need to add this one to my collection. Amazon.com listed 5 sellers and I placed my order with one. Later the same day I was emailed a response saying the book had shipped. So, it is available.

Ouch, I already blew my bookbudget for this month on the Magnum Magnum book, but couldn't resist this one after reading Geoffrey's review... Got a good used copy through Amazon for $71.12 including shipping to the Netherlands. That's just under €50. There are also a couple of new ones available through Amazon, but not for $49.95 I'm afraid.

At 9am GMT 4th December there are seven available on Amazon UK from £64.27.

Harking back to the recent discussion about how much we should spend on photography books, by my criteria this is too much so despite being intrigued by all things Stieglitz I'll be passing on this one.

Cheers, Robin

Mike, your book reviews are starting to cost me real money. For which I thank you! Haven't been disappointed yet.

For those looking online, google lead me to alibris.com - new and used copies listed. Will cost me $100 or so to get a copy to the UK, guess that's my Christmas sorted out.

cheers, martin

There are apparently 3 versions listed here in Amazon (Japan). One came out in June 1986 (used only though) with 68 pages, a version in January 1999 (248 pages, National Gallery) and a 2nd edition in March 1999 (248 page, Bulfinch). Each costs less than $100, which one is recommended?

The latter. I wouldn't know what the first one is. It's roughly contemporaneous with the first edition, which came out in 1983, but the reissue and the original have the same number of pages, and it's not 68.

Mike J.

Check also AbeBooks.com. I just ordered one from them and they have at least 10 used copies at a price between $30 & $50.


When I looked, abebooks had 12 copies in a variety of countries. They have an affiliate scheme with 7% of sales going to the referring website. If you recommend out of print books then we're likely to be buying them on abe, so you might as well get the benefit...

I've no idea how efficient their affiliate programme is, but they are good from a customer's point of view.

I ordered one, supposedly new still in shrink wrap, from a US seller through Alibris.

Geoffrey and Mike,

I just got off the phone with the GEH. Congratulations, apparently you have the power to move mountains -- of books. The salesperson I talked to said she had over 40 calls. She wasn't all that happy about it though.


I too felt compelled to order one after reading this review. I called the GEH asked for the museum shop and ordered one this morning - brand new - for the $49.95. I asked the woman I spoke to if she was getting lots of calls and she said yes. I asked if she knew why and she was very familiar with why!! I can't wait to see my new Christmas gift!

As opposed to Chris, my conversation with GEH was terrific! I waited till ten minutes after opening bell (gave 'em time to get out of their snowy boots and hang up their down jackets for heaven sakes..they were in the middle of a blizzard..or, maybe for Rochester, perhaps just a regular ole snow squall..) I talked to Judy and she wanted to know WHAT ON EARTH IS UP WITH THE STIEGLITZ BOOKS ALREADY??? She'd had a number of calls and couldn't figure out WHAT was the sudden rush on Steiglitz from Alaska down to Costa Rica. I told her about TOP and the super review written by Dr. Wittig that made us all absolutely helpless with desire for this book. I e-mailed her the link and when I spoke to her later in the day she had checked out this site and was really impressed with the review as well. As of about 4pm EST, she only had 2 or 3 books left so if you are thinking about ordering, call tomorrow morning and good luck! Thanks Dr. Wittig, i sure hope your next article for TOP isn't about some swampland in Florida. Someone lock up my credit cards!

I too have a copy of this book Mike, it's beautiful! It was given to me by a gallery owner way back in 1987.



Just got a call from Judy at GEH, 9:18 AM Wed 5th- they got my phone message left last night and still had about 12 copies at the time I got her call though they were still returning a few more calls received last night.

They said I was getting one also this morning (about 10am CST). And the woman I spoke to was quite happy and nice about the whole thing and sounded very grateful for what I think she called the "wonderful" article about the book.

Also, at some point Mike, you may wish to mention in one of the "main" articles that those of use who read via RSS, while not getting the comments, obviously, also don't get the addendums or featured comments sent to us. It's a good reason to still come visit if you're interested in the particular post.

I just got off of the phone with the GEH museum shop -- they still have "a few" left. I didn't even need to give the title, I just said that "I'm calling about that Stieglitz book." Shipping to Canada is $15.


I had no problem ordering a copy this AM. So there must be a few copies left.

Thanks for the review. I just started mentioning the name of the book and Alice at the other end started laughing. They've shipped out another 50 or so today as well. I ordered one for $50, but I must say that the $12 shipping rate is a bit stiff.

Just called GEH and Alice took my order for one of the remaining copies. $61.95 including $12 shipping.

I went to the GEH store on Sunday and they have "some" left. One less than when I came in... it's a great place for Christmas shopping (if you're me).

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