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Wednesday, 21 November 2007


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You know, if you post this kind of stuff, it somehow gets encoded in everyone's internet cookies, so if after reading TOP I go over to check my Yahoo!Groups, I get information about another forum I might be interested in, "The Cat Zone."

Great pic; hilarious! Being a beginner in (digital) photography myself I love inspiring pictures like these. Thanks for sharing. Cheerz!

Hi Mike. There is a member at PhotoSIG who has a really good collection of Tokyo Street Cat photos. Not your typical cute kittens stuff, but I think some here would enjoy.


Or, it looks like he has more recent updates on his blog:

Whatever one may think of cats, dogs, children and flowers in photographs—they are not necessarily clichés. They are not just remembrances of bliss never actually had.

Is not the point of being creative to come up with new, personal, unique views of old, bland, universal subjects? At least I've always seen it like that—in photography as well as writing. There is nothing under the sun and stars not already written or photographed or even painted. As Roger Ebert says about movies: "It is not about what is told but how it is told."

Now, years ago, 30 to be exact, there was a brilliant photographic publication called Minolta Mirror; it came out yearly since 1975 until 1993. In the 1977 and 1978 issues they featured - among others—Suzanne Szasz. first her photos of cat Cica, later a more open portfolio of her household [children and pets].

You know, I liked those photos then, I like them now. While not going as far as Elliott Erwitt with her deeply personal images, she did not succumb to cliché.

Nevertheless, seeing how many people worldwide think they have found the Holy Grail and are uncritical enough to show off their worst pet photos with inane headlines....

Only one photographer ever treated cats properly ;-)
Google "Dali Atomicus" and read the theories as to how it was done—hilarious!

Wow, I'm so going to check out that Ernie book!

When I first started in art school (major in photo), we were called upon to produce a small portfolio of new work very early in the program. I had started late because I had been out of town working all summer, so I was at a big disadvantage. Anyway, the Saturday before the project was due, I was sitting in my dining room trying to figure out what to do when I noticed my three cats were starting to get rowdy with each other.

So I documented the whole scene over the course of a couple of hours. Then I took some portraits of each one of them to serve as the introduction, then I got a final shot of the three of them sleeping it off, on the bed.

I printed them all full-frame (my instructors were "full frame fetishists," and I was too for a while) and mounted them into an accordion style book.

The instructors were torn, because they really liked the work but they couldn't bring themselves to praise a book about cats. Ditto the other students; most dismissed the book right away, but I think it was the project that was most looked at and most commented on.

Let's face it -- people have a prejudice against cat photos.

You're invited to visit my cat's blog, full of photos of him (Victor):

Hi Mike,
Long time listener, first time caller (what's the blog equivalent?). I can't access TOP from home for some reason, and the powers that be at my workplace are in the process of blocking sites left, right and centre, so I may not be able to appreciate your work for much longer. So I thought I'd better say 'thanks' for entertaining me at work for the past couple of years.
Apropos of this entry, here's the one and only cat shot on my blog ; )

What is wrong with cat pictures if they are taken in good faith???

One reason I like working at home (when I can) is that there is always a cat handy (there are three, just in case two are busy): http://www.flickr.com/photos/hughlook/2062361682/

On the whole, they are more interesting to talk to than people.

Hughlook, I don't think there's anything wrong with cat pictures, but some folks can't get over the idea that cat photos are only for Hallmark cards. (Cretins.)

I was inspired by this discussion and by the Ernie book to scan the project I mentioned a couple of comments ago (above). OK, they're not the best scans (nor are they from the best prints), but it's not bad considering the original project was done in a day (back in 1991), and the scanning was done in an afternoon. You can see it in a slideshow on Flickr:


Let me tell you; chasing three fighting cats around the floor (with a strong sunbeam right in the middle) while shooting Tri-X is not the easiest assignment.

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