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Friday, 19 October 2007


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Take that! Leica collectors!

No thanks. I'm waiting for the Louis Vuitton editions...


Too funny! My cereal almost came out my nose.

The people who will buy these as personal expression of their cultural indedendence, are the same people riding single speed bikes yelling at drivers of Eddie Bauer limited edition jeeps to quit killing the earth!

For the record: I ride a single speed bike and own a Holga.

Great find David

How come so expensive? These "new editions" sort of defeat the reason for their existence in the first place.

If I want a bad camera, I can pick out an old Kodak Duoflex an Ansco (for roll film), or go down to the local Salvation Army store and pick up an all-plastic 35mm for about $2.

Special Ed Diana & Holga: a camera for people with way too much disposable income

You don't have to buy it to enjoy it.

Mike J.

Now that is a fair deal. Where else will you be able to get 3000 cameras for $180.00? I mean come on! These cameras are easily worth 6 cents each.

Lomography is such a hilarious scam. Reselling a $15 camera (that is made in China for probably $0.32) for $180. Capitalism at its best, huh?

You know, I'm going to sound really pathetic, but those Holgas are just what I need. Well, not the bright red Special Ed, version, but the cheap, $25 medium format version.

I'm often photographing from galloping horses, so I need something light and simple that will survive occasionally being bashed into a tree, or hitting the ground at 30mph, sometimes with photographer attached...

Anyways, I don't know if David made the post as a joke (or at least humorous commentary :) but I actually found it helpful. Thanks! :>

I wonder if the Che Guevara limited edition is already out, I feel a strong urge to manifest my nonconformism.

I care for the earth, but I wouldn't shoot with a Holga, nor ride a single speed bike. Actually, I guess I would shoot with a holga BEFORE I rode a single speed bike.

Eric Schneider,
I don't know what you're thinking of, but a Holga or a Diana will definitely NOT survive being bashed into a tree or hitting the ground at 30 mph. They're made out of fragile plastic and they have all the structural integrity of a juice box. Consider a used Pentax MX....

Mike J.

Thiago said

"I care for the earth, but I wouldn't shoot with a Holga, nor ride a single speed bike. Actually, I guess I would shoot with a holga BEFORE I rode a single speed bike."

How about shooting a single speed Bike while riding a HOLGA?

A Diana? Are they being made again?


I didn't figure it'd survive an impact. But at $25, it doesn't need to. :)


And these are available from who? Oh yes, the P.T. Barnum sales company.

If you want a decent 'toy' camera that will either survive impact or not make you cry if it doesn't, might I recommend the Agfa Isola. Shutter speeds of 1/30 or 1/100, f/6.3 or f/11, few to no light leaks as a rule.

Figure $10-20 on Ebay, but most of them seem to show up from Scandinavia or Germany, so factor in another $10-15 in shipping.

I've discovered that after taking a look at the cameras, I now have the music loop in my mac. I didn't put it there. Nice. And I'm not sure how to get it out as it's a Mac Pro I've had about a week now. And finally, I think the music is crap.

I'm willing to bet these will be worth more in 50 years time than current model Canon and Nikon DSLRs. (Not that I'll be around to collect.)


I rarely disagree with you, but I believe that if Eric really wants a $25 camera that will survive the falls/crashes he describes, he should head to eBay and find himself an Argus C3.

Then again, if he's wearing an Argus C3 around his neck and he falls off the horse, he might not survive if the Argus hits him in the head.

- Craig

Lomography actually puts out very cool packaging of very cool cameras that shoot, um, uh, well they shoot film..hey what a concept, sell funky film cameras to kids that grew up on computers. Now THAT'S reverse psychology! And hell yes they're overpriced. Like anything totally cool is overpriced. I have a Lomography 7 element glass fixed lens fish-eye camera and i absolutely love it. There are very few cameras in this world easier, more fun or, yeah, cooler to shoot with. No angst, no uptight artiness, just free-wheeling creativity. That's what Lomography is ALL about. A White Stripes Holga? hahaha, so who said cameras have to be matte black and have the name taped over in electrical tape to have a coolness rating of ten? heh!

I remember there was a leica finished in snakeskin. Perhaps a sheepskin trimmed Lomo?

Doesn't this defeat the idea of the whole Toy Camera thing?

"How about shooting a single speed Bike while riding a HOLGA?"

THAT I can do! :-)

Here's what came of this post: I started looking for Argus cameras on ebay, then pointed them out to my girlfriend, who is still weary of my digital ways. She said, "Oh, hold on," and produced an Argus brick from a bag I'd never seen before. I might go ride my single speed bike to the store and get some film for it.

Just kidding. I'll walk. Walking is the new single-speed biking.

Call it a rip-off if you must, though this seems needlessly harsh...honestly, how much did you spend on ink and paper for that $500 print you're selling? Or are you saying a camera can't have extrinsic value? Quiet, there may be some Leica fans in earshot!

I think this is pretty awesome as a White Stripes fan. Jack & Meg are all about this bizarre baroque nostalgia in red, white and black, and these cameras fit quite nicely into that image. Combine that with the fact that they're also fun cameras and you've got a great gift for the bluespunk hipster on your shopping list.

It's just not expensive enough. I Might be tempted if they can get canon to do a red 1Ds III, which at these multipliers would be about £25,000... ;)

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