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Saturday, 27 October 2007


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Corn and Pine and Michigan Golf are both excellent photos in my opinion. I would be proud to hang either of them on my wall. I do appreciate Mr. Szarkowski's criticism but the photograph is so full of texture, place and both light and cool dark mystery that it is as perfect as it gets for me. I am fascinated by this series and await more!

Hi Mike --

You write that "John Szarkowski thought the top picture 'just missed' because it's too clean—he thought it needed a snippet of road or fencerow in the corner or on one edge, to save it from perfectionism." It might be illuminating (for me at least) to know what you thought (or think) of Szarkowski's comment.

As for the bottom picture -- I think that the wires in the corner also very much evoke golf in the Midwest.

I must say I don't agree with Szarkowski. I very much like this image for the reasons he thinks it misses. The simple juxtaposition of 2 broad areas of tone and texture are beautiful. Very striking image.

"Corn and Pine" is a stunner. I see things both modern and antique in it. (Pastoral abstract expressionism?) I think "perfectionism" may be part of the strength here. But, strong as this particular photo is, and vis a vis "perfectionism", I also find myself wondering how this kind of image is seen and valued (as image rather than as artifact) by generations who take Photoshopping for granted.

As for evoking the midwest: to this east coaster and occasional visitor, the region's dominant visual element is the sky--grand, bright (!), beautiful and brutal, dominating the puny human constructions and activities below. That's my admittedly superficial impression, anyway, and I think I spot it in more than one of this series. It's cliche for us tourists to remark on the flatness of the land, but my attention is drawn to the sky that likely crushed it flat in the first place under its majestic, imperious weight.

beautiful shots!

I really like "Corn and Pine." It somehow grabs me in a different way... there's certainly an element of mystery there, and I appreciate the simple composition and the contrast.

I liked the photo of the farm and I'm very curious about your "Michigan project". I live in Shiawassee County (Owosso) and I'm trying to think how to make pictures that show the special light of those broad flat lands, the cornfields, and the place. I want a sense of place in my photographs--so I think they were paying you a great compliment!

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