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Wednesday, 24 October 2007


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Hi Mike,

a few mins ago i came across this when checking through my bookmarks. haven't visited mr puts for quite a time, but his last article is good balance to the recent dslr-rush:

The Panasonic campaign while functionally identical is of course rather cheaper! :)

Yes, very clever indeed -- but doesn't it seem a total rip-off of the Panasonic ads? And from the links, I see that two different ad agencies are involved. So, to ask Errol Morris's question, which campaign came first?

Leica seems to have good taste in ad agencies from time to time...take a look at this German TV spot for the M6 from 2000 (QuickTime):


As a reflection of the Leica mystique, this is simply brilliant.

Very clever. I wonder if they shot photos of the photographer taking the photos?

clever and Leica in the same sentence, now this is something new!
Sorry, just kidding...

"Great minds think alike . . . fools seldom differ!

I'm impressed, 12x zoom and not a hint of distortion at either end.

the one from Panasonic is clearly better !

Don't forget that Panasonic and Leica have a "relationship." The "Leica" shown in those ads is made by Panasonic. So it's easy to imagine that it's not exactly coincidence that these ad campaigns are so similar in concept.

Mike J.

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