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Sunday, 28 October 2007


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Thanks for the tip Mike. I often looked at a suitable Adams book on Amazon, but there are so much I couldn't make up my mind and always ended up buying something else. I ordered this one now though!

Can I also say I thoroughly enjoy your recent posts of 4x5 scans! You will let us know when they are available as prints wont you?

Kind Regards, Nick

Hello Mike,

For those who might be interested in a catalogue raisonné, there's even a software to put together one's own.


Looking forward to more scans from your archive.

Just ordered the Adams book, which reminds me of the time I was visiting the photo book section at Kroch's & Brentano's in Chicago. I had carried Adams's "Yosemite and the Range of Light" and Brett Weston's "Photographs From Five Decades" books to the checkout counter. The fellow, who I think managed the store's second floor, reached underneath the counter and set the same two books that I had chosen next to mine. He then showed me that the two copies he had brought out were autographed by their respective authors, explaining that someone who had got them as a gift had returned them, and he had saved them for someone he thought deserved them. I now have autographed books by Adams and Weston.

FWIW, the pronunciation would be better represented as "ray-zon-AY." Some emphasis on the first syllable, a big drop on the second, and most emphasis on the third. (And the AY should be clipped, not dragged on as AYYYYY.) ;-)

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