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Thursday, 18 October 2007


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Maybe it is at the East village collective (a local art gallery) at 8 Old Forge road, Woodstock, NY.

You have to go to their home page to get the info
Their address and phone number is:
8 Old Forge Road
Woodstock, NY

RE: Ned Bunnell as President of Pentax Imaging in the U.S.

This really bolsters my confidence in Pentax after its acquisition by Hoya. Not only is Ned a fellow photographer, he's also an active member in the Pentax SLR forum over at dpreview. I'm not sure what other camera maker has a regional president that you can email directly or hang out with at tradeshows. Pentax might now, finally, not only produce good cameras, but also have the marketing department to prove it.

You can see Mr. Bunnel's posts under the handle Ned-B at the URL below.


or his blog


Yes, the B. Dimitrov's Pentax K-mount page is an excellent resource in all things K-mount! A very efficient and practical website full of information! My congratulations as well on their 10-year anniversary!

Congrats to Boz!!! In my Pentax (analog) days, it was my favorite site, very informative and organized.
Now in Nikonland, there's no such site, just a lot of unorganized, partial, unclear sites. It's very confusing to get info on some focal lenghts (when you want a simple table with different models thru the years). I want the Nikon equivalent of Boz's Site!!!

Hated Hobson's work, but he'll do very well in magazine ads' business...

Loved Aaron's work ever since I first saw it.

He comes from a very good photo pedigree (his father posts here on occasion) but is cutting his own way. His skills as a graphic designer clearly gives him an upper hand with the photoshop stuff.

He will do well.

"Pierce, given name Bill, prefers to be called only by his last name."

I've read his articles since the 1960s, and never picked that up. Aren't you concerned that you may have given away a precious bit of disguise?


Dear Flaneur,

I have also used Boz's site for a number of purposes and it is indeed a great resource. But I think you are greatly underestimating the resources available for Nikon equipment. In my opinion, these are actually much more complete and extensive than those available for Pentax.

For a list of various Nikon lens models by focal length through the years, see http://www.photosynthesis.co.nz/nikon/lenses.html

For comprehensive info on Nikon film bodies, lenses and accessories, see: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/photography.htm

For reviews of Nikon lenses, the two most comprehensive sites are:
(countless others exists as well).

For those looking for Pentax info, I would also point to: http://stans-photography.info/ , which complements Boz's site well. Although the reported results are highly subjective and not quantified, I have found them exceedingly helpful.


Thanks for the link!

Wow, that's great! Aaron's from my hometown, so I saw his work as he was just starting to develop it; didn't realize he was getting such recognition, though. His father's a well-regarded photographer, so he has good pedigree.

Dear Adam,
The fact you have to give me 4 links for Nikon reinforces my comment: There's not a site like Boz's for the Nikon shooter, giving you all the data in one place, clearly organized.
I knew all of the ones you give here, except the first one, with the lens list, very useful, thanks!

I love MIR, but its interface is a nightmare (the most confusing navigation ever, its a huge site).
Thanks again.

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