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Saturday, 29 September 2007


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And the point is...? Sorry, not trying to be obtuse, but...


The tonality in that shot is very nice. The iso 6400 images are also exceptional. Damn.

1/10th @ f16 and "cloudy" white balance? If the background wasn't Photoshopped later, this looks like a studio shot. Nice moody lighting, and the f16 I get. The shutter speed and white balance not so much...

Where did all the pixel peepers go? Seeing as how these images were posted by Nikon USA on their press release pages, could they be touting the IQ of their new sensor? I expected an avalanche of responses. For one, I'm impressed, very impressed.

Wow. The follow-on images on Nikon's web page are also pretty impressive from a high-ISO noise point of view. Ah me. I am so easily seduced by this sort of thing. Now, lemme see. . . if I sell the 5D, then I could afford a third of one of these new gizmos . . . but then what about all the Leica-R and Pentax screw-mount glass that I've been using on my Canon body? Guess I'll have to sell all those adapters too. . .

Joe always shoots cloudy white balance - he likes the warmth - I took a week workshop with him. Great shot as usual. Thanks for posting.

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