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Sunday, 16 September 2007


Interesting. Back when I was a teenager my mother ran a rooming house for Marquette co-eds. I was most certainly interested in doing roomers.

Kind of sounds like what was being said for the next big film camera before the F6 was introduced. Maybe they took the same concepts and transferred their work to the digital realm.

Those are certainly fun! And they're constructed with some skill: wild enough to be interesting, grounded enough in the state of the art to be plausible. As usual, I'll reserve judgment, but I enjoy the show.

It's interesting (though I'm not seeing myself buying it. :-)) Particularly about the non-Bayer sensor. It must be a bug cruising around.

There's a rumour that Olympus is gonna use something called Trine sensor in one of its future cameras. That is, three CCDs in one, something like video cameras. There's the announcement of the new Kodak sensor...

I'm sure I'm not alone in having received a request from Nikon a month or so ago to complete a fairly lengthy on-line questionnaire about the sort of camera I would like them to come up with.

I normally don't have time for such things, but when I read through the questions I was intrigued as they seemed to be angling towards a high-end, non-SLR, digital rangefinder model - which a lot of people want it seems (me included).

So maybe there is a grain of truth in this heap of salt?

Mike - Don't put my name on this as I don't want the regulars laughing at me, but even though I have higher end hardware I still like to muck about with a Coolpix 5400. It is light, compact, has a decent WA and does RAW (albeit slowly - I could swap holders on 4x5 faster than the 5400 can save a single RAW capture). Plus, it gives a nice grainy 35mm colour aesthetic. And it has a flip out LCD so I can capture without laying down in the mud.

So the notion of a Nikon RF with FX sensor, 14 bit, big pixels, no mirror slap, good available darkness capability, and an articulated, flip-out, Live View XGA LCD sounds very attractive. Sign me up!! I note that the rumour does not speak of an articulated LCD but I'm hoping Nikon has its spies studying your blog :-)

Interesting that I've read somewhere in the web, about two months ago, about a new Nikon model, fully modular, including different battery packs, finders, grips, and, specially, backs! Interesting that it would be difficult for Nikon to obtain fantastic IQ differences in comparison to the 1DsMkIII, reducing their actual (36x24, 12 mp) pixel sizes. But a modular camera could, yes, have an optional back with a sensor twice the size: 24 mpixels, in a medium size 48x24mm, far easier than try to develop a brand new, small pixel sensor!This "update ready", modular camera, could use DX, FX and MX (48x24mm) backs...I'm almost certainly allucinating...but..
Rio, Brazil

Ben R.,
You've summed up how I feel.


Like I said the other day. The future looks very bright.

The one thing that makes me think the Nikon digital RF might be more than a wish-fulfillment fantasy is the incredible effort they put into the 2000 S3 and the 2005 SP rangefinder projects. Nikon is nothing like Canon; they are a small company by comparison and the camera business means far more to their bottom line. The S3 and SP projects were utterly romantic bits of heritage and retro-engineering by a company that is first and foremost about making cameras, not copiers or printers or whatnot. Maybe they learned something from the experience. Having hooked the planet on the SLR, perhaps they see that it's just not the only valid way to go in the digital age. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

One of my main cameras is a Canon P rangefinder, built like a tank in 1961. There is NO chance Canon will ever build a run of new ones; that's the fundamental difference between the two companies.

Assuming they live up to their promise, Nikon's D3 and D300 pretty well epitomize what can be achieved in a handheld DSLR. People will always want more pixels etc but the practical returns in term of output and application are likely going to be small. So it wouldn't surprise me for Nikon to diversify into the higher margin studio and/or quality compact field. Camera churn would be contributing a lot to Nikon's (and Canon etc's) bottom line but now the technology is starting to plateau they really have to come up with something different.

I'm not sure how big the market for a quality digital compact (ie non SLR) is but I know I'd buy one. The concept can be taken a lot further than has been shown to date with the M8.

Thom Hogan > http://www.bythom.com < has been predicting this very camera for a while now - looks like old Joe O'Donnell's got more than a few fans over on dpreview ;-)


Camera-Wet-Dreams i would call this ;-))

However, the RF idea is pretty appealing to me. Recently i thought myself, why not make a 4/3 digital rangefinder...

but then again, i use to dream as well, since this is not compliant with the profit-over-anything-world we live in...

Mike, I think that eventually, even if not due to these rumors, the thing such as described in DPReview will happen. It seems to me now that the current technology is approaching saturation. In order to provide bigger pixel count bounded by 35 mm film frame area and in order to come up with lower noise and still in order to achieve better image quality a different basic technology is necessary. The same goes about camera construction and mechanics. Development of high end compact cameras does not only provide us with new "toys". It also allows manufacturers to exercise new ideas. So, I think the future is really very bright.

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