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Saturday, 22 September 2007


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Reading Eolake's comments about rangefinder versus SLR viewfinders brought two things to mind -

When I was using the Bessa R regularly I didn't really notice the space outside the framelines because looking through my spectacles caused the 35mm frame to be right at the edge of the finder, 35mm was what I used 90% of the time with that camera.

Imagine an SLR with that space around the subject frame (being an SLR it would be the same with different focal length lenses) - a nice idea yeah? Well surprise, surprise there was such a beast, the early Sigma DSLR's had what was called a "sports finder" but I believe the latest model has dropped the idea.

Cheers, Robin

Do you realise that Gerda Taro was Robert Capa's girlfriend ? According to the bio I read (Blood & Champagne) she is the explanation for everything he did afterwards.

Yes...have a look at the NYT article that's linked....

I almost wrote something to the effect that she's forgotten except by anyone who's read a biogoraphy of Robert Capa, but then I considered that that would probably require too much explanation....


Thanks for sharing the Roy Haynes photograph. An amazing musician, and I agree, a great shot. And you're right; photographs of musicians, painters, or any artists are generally interesting.

Encourage your friend to put that photograph to good use.

Yes, that really is a terrific shot by Kent Phelan. It captures the instantaneous essence of immersion of musicianship, particularly in music as intense as jazz can be. It's one of those shots that would look great in a table book, on an 8 x 10 print, or covering the wall of a building. It would really look good as a 2-page spread in a glossy music mag, as it has plenty of good title/text space.

Regarding Kent's choice of a 5D versus, say, a Leica M: Well of course it would have been better with the Leica! (Yes, of course.)

Hi Mike,
Just to let you know that Željko again went into his little workshop of DSLR torture and tested shutter speed accuracy on his Konica Minolta 5D.


Željko's shutter testing games have made me nostalgic for the time when I used an oscilloscope every day, sigh.
It also reminded me of apprentice days when I was jealous of the lads working in the research lab who got to play with a Polaroid backed oscilloscope camera - I'll bet there aren't many of those around now......

A refreshing change to see the practicalities behind a test rather than just a set of results figures.

Cheers, Robin

Thanks MIke,

I enjoyed most all of these tidbits you found. Like the idea of a littlecollection of finds.

And yes that image of Roy is a ripper for sure.

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