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Friday, 17 August 2007


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What a ripper he was.

I remember a really old interview with Stuart Copeland (The Police) I think it was some college zine. The kid was insisting Stuart was the "best ever" ( he is certainly up there in my book but) Stuart in his calm yet witty way replied. I'm guessing you have never heard of Max Roach?

A little early in the AM for it but I put on To Te Max after reading the obit in the NYT

About 20 years ago, in my early 20's, I could not convince any friends to go see him. I finally dragged my Dad along. It was a small club. Max was doing some kind of small improve night with a three peice group. I got there early to get a good seat. We were the only ones there for about a half hour. I sat directly in front of the man, mezmorized, watching his every move (I wanted to be a drummer at the time myself), at one time he looked up and locked eyes with mine with a wonderful warm smile on his face, and a twinkle in his eye, as he played (I know, sounds cliche....) It was a terrific moment in my life, an amazing night to remember. I was lucky. I am deeply saddened to hear of his death...


It's asides like this that make your site truely a "must read".



I'm listening to Saxophone Colossus right now.

Max was the greatest.

As I was reading this, the local 24hr jazz station played a Max Roach recording!!

I concur with Richard's comment. There was a magical quality attached to a Max Roach gig. He held the audience in a special way. Once I saw him do a hi-hat only solo for at least ten minutes--he found rhythm,texture,timbre and throughout the audience was in rapt silence--paying close attention to every detail and to every turn he took. This wasn't some drummer spinning the sticks gimmick; it was an in depth, gorgeous and creative musical "moment" that I'll never forget.

(Now playing: "Money Jungle.")

Max Roach was a great performer and a deep musician. I saw him once at the Blue Note in NYC. It was terrific. He will surely be missed.

Not just a great performer, as has been duly noted. A truly generous man. I got to know him as a student at University of Massachusetts ages ago (and Archie Shepp, as well), and Max was an exemplary teacher. He drew on the eagerness of his students, and returned it with interest.
I concur about the site, too, Mike. Glad you're doing better. When you get cultural freebies this like, or nuggets about Chinese hi-fi manufacturers, it's hard not to love your product.
Cheers from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, where I'm on vacation from China.
Glimpse (Howard)

Thanks for the recommendations, Mike. Was able to get all but one...

Which one weren't you able to get?


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