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Sunday, 19 August 2007


The fact that the concept of this piece is wholly obvious makes its impact all the more impressive. Very thoughtfully and amusingly written.

Mike sometimes it's better not to voice ones thoughts,believe me we will understand if you have nothing of any importance to share,honest we will,it can't be easy trying to be profound on a daily basis.
ps get a new shower curtain

That's a very colorful way of describing perspective Mike. Simple concept, but quite complex in it's implications. For example, I'd say it has a lot to do with why some photographers prefer telephotos and others (we) like wideangles more. Mmm, lets stop before this gets out of hand.

Michael, I think you're being righteous. There is a thin line between saying you think another person's idea is worthless and telling them to shut up, and you crossed it, may be even without noticing it. Or may be you're good friends with Mike and he's laughing at your ironically expressed point of view and my comment is the one out of place.
Anyway, I feel a didactic or stylish exposition of a known subject gives always more pleasure than a blunt attempt at originality.

Well I'm sure I can speak in the name of the numerous internationally- both known and unknown photographers from Luxembourg when I say that I'm happy to hear that there really are people pondering about our humble "Grand"-Duchy during their shower activities... I'm trying to fit Wisconsin into my Think-about-it-while-showering list, I'm convinced it will add some extra credits to the Luxembourg-Wisconsin cultural exchange agenda! Cheers, love your Sunday sermons!

Excellent. But look at it another way. Kids sometimes get quite mesmerized by really working out their address. Mine, for example, was 2551 Waldean, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, United States of America, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, The Universe. So we can manage to some extent to *address* this scale problem.

And take another corollary of this. Supposing that I'm in C. Springs, and meet someone else in C. Springs and they ask me where I'm from. So then I say: out Uintah a ways. But if I'm in Denver and someone asks, then I say: Colorado Springs. In New York, my answer would be: Colorado. And here in England, I say: the States. So we're all pretty good at managing scale to some extent, and at having some idea of other people's ideas of scale. So at least we're making an effort.

Mike, while you think of Luxembourg under the shower, I will now be doomed to contemplate TOP thanks to this. As a resident of said cosmic inconsequentiality my entire life, the act of showering will be forever linked to these hallowed pages in my mind.

Thanks for that and for keeping us entertained on Sundays. -Matthew in Luxembourg

Mike, thanks for the Sunday Sermon.
I'm sure you'll enjoy this:

I was in Luxembourg.

I showered in Luxembourg.

I thought about Wisconsin while in Luxembourg (perhaps while showering).

I live in Wisconsin.

I shower in Wisconsin.

Ever after I shall think of Luxembourg whilst showering.

Caught in the meat — it's a life sentence with no time off for good behavior.

But some of us can afford aquatic hygiene.

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