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Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Any info on whether the E3 has 12 or 14 bit A-D? The articulated LCD is a very nice touch, still not available on the latest Canikon's.

It's rumoured that exactly the same imaging chip is being used in the E-3 as in the (ferinstance) E-410 and E-510. If so, it's a 12-bit jobbie.

From the little tech spec seen it is a different sensor then E-410/510 camera's, Documents speak of "Trine FullFrameTransfer CCD", whatever that means I have no idea, maybe another kodak design or some other but CCD is certainly no liveMOS.

It is good to see Olympus finally get around to this. Two of my photographer friends have E500 models with the two lens kit, but one of them has the higher end 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 lens. Very nice equipment, deserves a higher end body. Pricing this model in the midrange is probably a good idea but this is a very crowded segment, with the Sony A100 seen by many as being more then entry level, the Pentax K10D with all of the features at the lower price end, and then the Nikon D80-D200-D300 and now Canon 40D, this is a well populated market segment. I wish them well, the 4/3 system has proven to have more life in it than some of the naysayers originally projected, well thought out cameras, good lenses, excellent image quality (except for high ISO) and competitive pricing has kept Olympus in the hunt.

i'm glad they finally made a larger viewfinder. it's now in between the 40D and D300 sizes.

Hi, I have a E500 and can't wait for this camera to come out as I would like to get a spare as my daughter of thirteen years is wanting to learn with me and I did not want to get a E510 if I could get the new E1, so hope the price is not too high.

Don't expect the E-3 to be priced under $1500-1700. I have the 510 and it is a fantastic camera. You can consider an E-330, which takes excellent images and can curently be bought around $400

I went and played with one last week while buying a lens.


It, in combination with the new lenses, focuses when you think about focusing; it isn't actually necessary to press the shutter release. OK, just kidding.

It's now first on the wish list ahead of Led Zeppelin tickets...


Had a look at this while buying a underwater case for my Olympus SP 350. Haven't had an SLR for years & have been wanting to get back into using one again. Took the opportunity to look at the E3 and D300. Both were nice to handle.But the build quality of the E3 was superior to D300. The E3 also felt better in my hands than the old E1. Hope to buy one of these two cameras after Christmas. A lot will depend on the performance of each camera but so far the E3 gets my vote for handling & build.

Just got one. Have the 510, but it doesn't compare in build quality and professional features. This guy is quick and nimble, with lots of exposure compensation controls for fill flash, exposure, 5fps quickness, battery grip that takes 2 battery packs and AA batteries (handy when you are dead on a job). Waterproof too, which all makes me feel much more confident when shooting, which is priceless. Love this camera. Handled the D300, but didn't feel as good as the E3.

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