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Wednesday, 22 August 2007



The D3 looks great, but it's not enough to convince me to trade in my D2x. At least Nikon had a response to Canon's announcement. Makes me wonder if these two companies just sit there with brand new gizmo's at the ready, just waiting for the perfect time to make their introduction.

The announcement I'm eagerly anticipating is Nikon's answer to the 1DsMk3...if the resolution anywhere approaches 20mp, THAT would convince me to upgrade.


After your recommendation I bought Friendship thru an Amazon re-seller. Boy, were you right. What a great CD and wonderful sound!

I saw Art Blakey do a gig in London with Cecil Taylor a few years back. They both played solo then the played together. It was quite astounding.

The real high point was when a stagehand brought the high hat and stool to the front of the stage, with a couple of microphones. Then Max got up and walked over to them. It took him a long time as he was real old and walked real real slow. More kind of shuffled.

Then he sat down and spoke, and slowly managed to say something along these lines, in his deep soulful rasp:

"The high hat... is a ....quite remarkable instrument. It takes ...all four limbs to play. ..... This here is a ....tune that... Art Blakey taught me...back in 195(?)....it's called "Salt Peanuts**"....and it goes...suthin like this..."

(**i don't really remember if it was that, but it was something like that)

He then proceeded to play, like in the video, for a good five minutes - maybe longer.

I've seen some musicians play, some great musicians, and some great drummers. Max was maybe 75 when I saw him play, and he remains one of the best I ever heard.

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