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Tuesday, 21 August 2007


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It's because of all the positive vibes you were due by writing music reviews on c60crew.

That and a lifetime of concentrated effort has consecrated itself into a freaky couple o' weeks.

Mike, it seems like all your experience and practice is coming together, like the well-seasoned bodybuilder who gets deeply into the muscle on the first repetition, without warming up.

Of course the effort to duplicate the effortlessness, with your remark that "I should probably go out and take pictures today", probably defeats the point :) I dont think its positive vibes or karma or fate of any sort -- I think this is maybe what happens when we stop trying and are just present.

That all said - Im heading back to work now where I am expected to force all sorts of quasi-creativity!

Heck, sure beats my usual "workweek" ! I recently got back from a week's vacation in Florida, and the ONLY keeper I got after 1000 or so shots was the very last one (and on a fluke as well!). Story and image on my blog:

I like the backlighting and atmosphere of that shot. Do you ever find that when you focus too much on photography, you become removed from the situation? Maybe this time you enjoyed the situation more so! For me, it's important to find the balance between the two...but the best is enjoying the moment and capturing it when it most matters.

I really like this image and the one below. When I look at these, along with the prints you had for sale some time ago and some other work I see a painterly almost ethereal style emerging. When you can turn out images like this don’t worry about the numbers. Remember, it’s quality, not quantity, that counts.

I'll skip the platitudes about "less is more" and "quality, not quantity." But I will say that I've never been impressed by photographers who brag about the quantity of their shooting. Who cares if someone filled a four-gig card on an afternoon's outing? When I hear about that kind of work I have no interest in looking at even a single one of them. It's shooting for the sake of shooting. Forget that!

Quantity is the fool's paradise, and contemporary photography creates a lot of fools because shooting is so cheap and easy. Give me a well considered, thoughful and meaningful image anyday; and those are most certainly NOT a dime a dozen.

'This, of course, is not the way photography is supposed to work'

Perhaps the basis of that comment needs revisiting Mike because that worked!

This is not a comment on the topic of the thread, but more a comment on a comment.

Blork says: ' Give me a well considered, thoughful and meaningful image anyday; and those are most certainly NOT a dime a dozen.'

I would be very interested to hear of how you discern what constitutes a well-considered and meaningful image. Elizabeth Cowie argued in her article (in Screen Education, 23, Summer 1977), that "images have no necessary meanings except as they are produced in the process of viewing or reading and that images cannot in fact be treated as having a homogenous content or meaning which can be taken as a given".

This idea of a photograph having meaning, or not as the case has been stated, is most engaging!



I totally agree Mike.

If I chance across a 'wow' subject, THE ONE is always the first of the 20 exposures I reel off. If I spend hours planning and preparing, it's always the shot I take afterwards on the way home.

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