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Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Marvellous work, and it does all take effort. Congrats!

Congratulations! You deserve it, content quality matters. Now you just need to figure out how to transform that in $$$ :-)

Mike, we'll be waiting on the edge of our seats. Good luck with everything!

Like every issue of Lenswork, TOP is a must read. The real world info combined with writing that is miles away from the pretentious art school dribble that was force fed to me in, well, art school makes this the best read on photography period. There are magazines dedicated to technical aspects of photography, magazines about the new 'wundercameras', there are magazines that talk about what is 'now' and 'it' in art. TOP is the only place to get information that isn't motivated by ad sales and camera companies. TOP is the best photography website ever. Yes, period.

"I'm on three separate deadlines (a job application, a grant application, and a magazine article due)"

A *JOB* application? You mean like a real nine-to-fiver?

Ever since Michale so willingly helped me out with a courtesy link to a photo forum/club site about a year ago (www.scphotogs.com) for those that forgot, which is probably most everyone), I knew TOP would stay in my RSS feeds forever. I continue to read it each and every day. This literally is the only blog I know of that provides useful and valuable information that makes me think and appreciate some new aspect or subject relating to photography. I don't know how you are able to juggle so many things but it's impressive that you do. I guess for those of us that strive for something higher all the time, the effort is never-ending.

Mike Hess,
Thanks you very much for that wonderful compliment. I don't think I'm deserving, but I'll keep trying to live up to your glowing description!

Yes--I have not been able to solve the headache of health insurance.


Congratulations on your 1M mark Mike. Since discovering your site earlier this summer, it sits at the top of my rss feeds. I rarely comment to any blogs or forums but yours seems so open to comments without any of the usual flamewar bs- personal control by you helps but I like to think it is more due to the quality of your readership drawn by the quality of your writing and the interest of your content.

p.s. if we can ever get the assembly and the governor of this state to agree on the state senate's health plan you (and I) wouldn't need to worry about the health insurance issue :)

Mike, I'm one of the 5.7% living in Massachusetts who's still not covered. It's not intentional, I just haven't gotten around to applying, but living in Massachusetts would be a solution. Just a thought.

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