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Tuesday, 17 July 2007


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Hmmm... maybe I can get this one for my Linhof--


Brilliant Idea. I think I'll try it sometime too.

What a great idea! I have it bookmarked.

IME this works even better with adults, particularly males. The downside with very young children - for who this is done - is that they'd creep up to you, touch the camera, grab the flashy dispenser ...

Hm, not unlike adult males really.

That was weird. I knew what was at the other side of the link before i opened it.

Definitely useful. I'll make one right away.
Not only good for children, I would say anyone


Love that idea......

Hope your well and glad to see you back to your old tricks Mike.

This is for those of us who are always losing the hot shoe protector :-)

That is inspired. I want to see the guy's photos.

I guessed it was either a mini-shoe or a clown-in-a-box but reality was slightly better!

Shooting kids? Adults? Forget that. Great place to store all that pez candy!

Sigh ... yet another hotshoe attachment that requires us Maxxum users to get an adapter ... ;)

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