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Monday, 30 July 2007


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"Lynx"... o dear. That was too subtle for me. :)

Regarding the NYC photography permit rules, there is an online petition you can sign. See http://www.pictureny.org/petition/index.php.

Live anime models? Yikes. I thought it was going to just be about costumes, but after seeing those creepy masks... brrrr. That definitely falls into the disturbing category. (And this is coming from a confessed nerd who actually enjoys a few anime shows from time to time.)

I'm totally unsurprised that this is in Akihabara. I can't imagine it happening anywhere else.

Re: Black & White Photography Mag: Although I don't know Ailsa personally, as a long-time reader of the magazine I've been impressed by the way she has moved it forward over the years, particularly in a transatlantic direction.

Whether this is because it's becoming harder to find material about traditional photographic (film-based) practice in the UK or not I'm not sure, but the balance she maintains between US/UK, silver/digital is just right in my view. Not too scary for novice first-time readers but still interesting enough to engage old-timers like me.
It's also where I first encountered your writings Mike, so that can't be bad.

I just wish that more people were aware of the journal though - and that they had a web site that showed highlights from current and past issues. I often want to link to it but at the moment there is nothing to link to. See what you can do about that eh?

Type the Sky.......super idea.

I got to admit it. I did not "get" the "lynx" link on the right side of your page until you smacked me in the head with this post. When I finally got the joke I nearly fell off of my chair laughing. Thanks for making my day!


I guess we've moved on from this topic, but I have to say that I find the story about and the whole concept of “Miroslav Tichy” very hard to swallow. I love hermit-genius photographers, and I find the work of Josef Sudek (Czech 1896-1976) and Mike Disfarmer (American 1884-1959) to be absolutely mind blowing. But these Miroslav Tichy pictures look suspiciously like something an art student would post on flickr. And “Using handcrafted cameras that were an assemblage of cigarette boxes and paper tubes with lenses from eyeglasses?” Please. Does anyone else find it a bit much?

Amazing amount of work went into KammaGamma's database, but of course these color spaces apply only to JPG. I wonder how many owners of 1DMkIII or M8 will be shooting primarily JPG.

Also, I know that when it came out, the M8 had a RAW color space larger than that of any other camera then on the market. Any idea whether the 1DMkIII has equalled or exceeded that RAW color space?

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