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Tuesday, 17 July 2007


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I enjoyed your closing thoughts Gordon. I am afraid our society is so focused on "me, me, me!" that we all forget that it is what other people see in our work that sends ripples out through the pond. The effect of our photos might be brief and momentary, but long lasting. In a world overwhelmed with media hype vying for every ounce of our attention, we have all learned to 'turn off and tune out.' Any photographer's photo has the potential to break through the barrier and once again engage the viewer in simple BEAUTY. It is at that moment that we might re-awaken from our societal comma.


I totally agree that it's a valuable exercise to give some thought to this subject from time to time. Better yet, take the next step and do something. I have some suggestions at http://christopherwlane.blogspot.com. As for the “just pictures” comment, I recently misplaced the images I made of my daughter this spring before a formal dance. Believe me, those were not “just pictures” when I couldn’t find them.

Take care.

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