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Sunday, 22 July 2007


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I'd bet the D200, D40, and D80 offering more bang for the buck than the Canon counterparts has a lot do do with this. Hopefully for all consumers Canon will come back swinging with a 30D and 1Ds MKII replacement.

Maybe They'll fix some of there continuing quality control issues too. Their recent performance with the 50L close focus issues, 1dMKIII AI servo issues, and the incredibly crappy quality of their cheap kit lenses compared to their Nikon versions all need addressed.

I've seen very little advertising locally (Indianapolis) for Canon gear but tons of Nikon ads.

I'm looking to replace my five-year old D60 Canon. With only one Canon lens to my name I'm not that committed yet. I'm looking closely at the Nikon options (between the D80 and the D200), but I do have hopes that by sometime this fall, Canon could put out an updated 30d or 5d that I would find more attractive than the Nikon offerings, so I'm tempted to wait for the next Canons before deciding. I read that the 1D Mk III has some impressive high ISO and dynamic range performance that I'd hope might somehow filter down to a 40d. Or how about a d6 that's more in the price range of the Nikon D200? Both the 5d and the 30d are long overdue for updating. But then, Canon doesn't have any really appealing lenses like the Nikon 18-200VR. But I do already have a Canon 24-85 that seems good enough for now. Decisions. I also really like the Zeiss 16-80 for the Sony, both for it's wide-angle reach, and it's reported good quality, but find the Sony camera itself underwhelming compared to the D80, although the built-in steady-shot is a plus.

I've just got a D40 (the 6mp version). What a lovely little camera. Seriously Mike, you should grab one in your hands. It's as tiny as it gets yet still very comfortable, well put together, nice viewfinder, responsive, a joy to use. Nikon rules in ergonomics and user interface. I love my D50, but the new puppy is earning its own place. The D40 begs for new tiny Nikon pancakes...

For RC and others looking to replace a camera and possibly change systems, please do yourself a favor and investigate Pentax's offerings. The K10D is a fabulous camera whose features fall nicely between the D80 and D200. The K10D has Shake Reduction built into the body so it is available with any Pentax compatable lens. In addition, Pentax is poised to release several new DA* lenses. Regards.

I did look at the K10D but was put off by the really slow autofocus. D80 autofocus is ever so much faster.

I have been taking very nice shots with my Sony Alpha. I am surprised Olympus is coming in strong with its E-410. There are not very many lenses that work with that camera as compared to Sony. Then again, do old lenses from Minolta count as available lenses? Sony is also at a disadvantage of having just one body dSLR on the market. That may change by early next year when the pro-versions come out.

Ah, the Hardware Wars. I suppose all you can say about camera choice is that it is idiosyncratic. I love the 5D because it has the best focusing screen I have seen in a DLSR. I haven't seen a single other camera from any manufacturer (although I have stopped looking and haven't tried out any of Canon's recent fancier offerings) that I can reliably focus with a MF lens. So I use my Leica, Nikon, Pentax and Canon EF glass on the 5D with adapters when necessary. Focusing all, and I do mean ALL, of the other DSLRs that I have seen is like looking at a postage stamp pasted at the bottom of a well. A little competition, though, will probably spice things up. So Olympus, Pentax and the rest of y'all -- the main value of a pentaprism is to see what you're going to get. So how about letting us SEE what we're going to get?

Ben Marks

I dunno about Nikons offering more "bang for the buck overall." You'd be hard pressed to beat the XTi in terms of feature set and image quality is excellent.

But Canon has no mid-level. The 30D is a well built camera, but its imaging engine is out of date and its sensor way behind the curve. This means the only worthwhile choices are the XTi at $700 or the 5D at $2900. That's a wide margin.

Nikons seem to be more well rounded, as well. They're all comfortable machines -- the XTi SEEMs uncomfortable at first, and I'm sure that hurts sales. And traveling up the Nikon line, you never give anything up the way you give up access to in-camera flash stepping up to the 5D.

I'm very glad I went Canon, I love my camera and the lenses are awesome. But if I had to choose again, I'd probably go Pentax, Olympus...or Nikon.

Canon's got to step it up this year, or risk losing a lot of market share. Having a great flagship in the Mark III isn't enough. They need a $2000, 14 MP, pop-up flash replacement for the 5D, and a $1200, 10 MP 40D. An analog to Nikon's superb 18-200 VR would be good, too.

As much as I gripe about Nikon slacking on their pro offerings, I can't deny that it made a lot of sense to focus on the prosumer market where all the profit is before it gets saturated. I just hope they're reinvesting in new toys for me.

I hope Nikon will prematurely celebrate this with introducing FM4D. I will surely replace my D2x with it.

Where's the references he's citing? What's the explanation? The D40?

Need more information! :)

Asahi Shimbun is the second largest newspaper in Japan.


Here's a link to the actual news article for reference:


Wow, I didn't know Nikon was that big.


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