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Tuesday, 31 July 2007


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Mike, Thanks for the mention and for checking out the Kodak blogs. That is quite a tale that you tell. Don't be depressed we all have those "what if" stories in our past! I wonder where those autochromes are right now. Cheers, tom

I just came back to this image after perusing the M8 review samples on DPReview - the autochrome is MUCH nicer!

Cheers, Robin

I have to say that even though I love black and white work, the older I get the more I appreciate color photography. Even though it is not the same as autochromes, I spent an evening with my grand parents and looked at a slide show of 50+ year old kodachromes. They looked amazing. I used kodachrome before it fell out of favor. Kodachrome in my opinion is still the best widely available color film ever made. It wasn't as dramatic as Velvia, but there is much beauty in subtlety.

What a beautiful picture!

You can see Edward Steichen photos in real life when you visit MUDAM (http://www.mudam.lu/?mode=article&langue=en) in Luxembourg City.

They show also plenty of autochrome replicas (In glass and back lighted. Sadly not the originals but it would be too much to ask I think).

We have a lovely collection of early 20th century Autochromes taken in Hawaii on our Discovering Hawaii website. Please have a look: http://www.discoveringhawaii.com/Stock_Photography/Pages/Hawaii_Autochromes.html

The CORRECT URL for Richard Sullivan's collection of Hawaii Autochromes is:


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