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Sunday, 17 June 2007


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That's precisely the right answer, Mike, particularly with regard to a Bill Christenberry photo. His work, although "famous", will have a fairly narrow appeal. Select an auction house or gallery that already preys on that niche.

One other suggestion would be to donate the work to a museum that's looking to build its Christenberry collection. Depending on your estate and tax situation this could be a very smart move.

I don't mean to be ghoulish but...Whatever you choose to do I suggest you wait until Mr. Christenberry leaves the planet. The valuation of his work will likely rise significantly at that moment. Note, though, that I just saw him a few months ago and, "sadly", he seems very vibrant. (BTW, he's also one of the best storytellers I've met. Jump at the chance to hear him talk.)

So be patient as well as thoughtful.

"competent photo dealer"
Back around 1980 my mother bought a pair of Irving Penn platinum prints from his "Small Trades" series - the street photographer and the bakers- from a dealer in San Francisco. The next day the dealer tried to buy them back for twice what she paid for them. It seems that he hadn't checked what they were selling for recently , and she had.

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