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Sunday, 24 June 2007


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The 31 is a great lens, but the integrated lens hood may be a little small for APS-C size sensor and it's not very protective.

Thanks to the suggestion of Lance Blackburn, a poster on the Pentax SLR forum at DPreview, I've added three empty 49mm filter rings as a solution to the problem.

Here's a photo to show how this works:


and you can add a filter holder:



That looks pretty cool, but the filter thread is 58mm, not 49. Because the integral hood was designed for a much broader angle of view, I've been on the lookout for any tendency to flare due to the less than optimal shading. Haven't found any. It does better than the 21 or 12-24 lenses, which you'd expect since it is significantly narrower in view, and near as I can tell does just as well as the 40DA with its custom hood, which is a good performance.

Hi Carl,

OOPS/ I meant 58mm.

The main advantage for me is protection of the front element. I usually go commando as I am in the do not use a protective filter camp, so I always rely on my lens hood for protection. The integrated lens hood with the 31 leaves me feeling a little naked. Adding the three empty filter rings makes me feel much safer and the original lens cap fits over perfectly.


I have all three limiteds and IMO the 43 is the best built one. However all three, including of course the 31 one, are marvelous performers...

Thanks for the review. I had pleasure reading it, especially the bottom line on lack of so called legacy problems ;-).

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