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Friday, 08 June 2007


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You might also be interested in the "Digital Spotmatic" posted on the Pentax Forums discussion group:


"You might not think the picture above is terribly impressive, but...it was taken by a cat."

Can we go back to Paris Hilton please?

When I read about this project two days ago and looked it up when the new site was live, my first thought was, 'That's Art.' with a capital 'a' though Mr Perthold did not call it such. It's not the individual photos - clearly not when it comes to technical brilliance - but the project as a whole.

Isn't art a way to get a new perspective on the world? Just what Perthold and Mr Lee do - giving us a new view of things we thought we know in and out.

Actually that other post was not about PH per se. It was about the fact that a simple Paparazzi snapshot could net you $500k. Man, when I think of all the work I've put in to earn small fractions of that by making photographs, it just makes me throw up my hands, shake my head, etc.


I know Mike, I was only kidding. If there's two huge peeves I have lately it's anything to do with cats and photography, and Paris Hilton. Both make me want to barf.

I don't know if you've heard of the crittercam (google), but really, it's much more impressive, or at least worth mentioning to put this fun project into perspective.

The catcam is one of the most amazing projects I've seen in quite some time! The images give me this strange out of body experience that I cannot describe? Maybe it is just understanding the fact that these images were taken by a non-human photographer? Great link, thanks!

I don't think there's a lot of difference between me taking pictures and the cat taking them. It's in the editing, the tossing of the bad ones, the showing of the good ones. It's the showing that makes the photographer, I think. Hope the cat has a good agent. From the examples shown, it looks like he does! HA HA!

I love it, and I may have to do something for one of my cats. That is just too fun, plus the visual of the cat with a webcam vs a pigeon with a spycam is just too precious.

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