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Monday, 11 June 2007


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I loved the Train Your Brain To Guess Exposure. I bought a Zorki-4 rangefinder recently and did something similar to his approach, but regardless, I had no meter whatsoever and still came out with very good exposures on all 36. I was pumped to have not forgotten how to guess exposure like that after years of not doing it.

In short, I had a blast and got some great pics and had great fun with a new/old camera.

Train your Brain to Guess Exposure- too bad these days fewer people practice what's in the article- has another step as well. I used to go to art galleries and look at paintings and guess what lens,exposure, lighting, filters, and printing I would use to create the same images. Painters always cheated too.

This is a good format, rather like a 'weekly updates' blog entry for those of us who don't roam the deepest reaches of every site we visit, every time. I like it!

Thanks for reminding this TSMP article 'bout view cameras,
and especially for reminding me 'bout Metaphysical Doubt ;)

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