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Friday, 09 December 2016


"Both prints were made with..." A camera? A little more editing needed?

The greatness of Britain only refers to its size compared with the other Britain/Bretagne/Brittany.

Re: lighting your keyboard.

I picked up a few small LED tap lights that I stuck to the bottom of the computer monitor and which now light up my keyboard at night so I can see to type. Works like a charm, for about $3.99.

I know it's a joke, but I'll point out that Great Britain is not the name of a country; it is a geographical name not a political one. It is the name of an island--the one that contains England, Scotland, and Wales. The island is called Great Britain because it is the largest of the British Isles.

The country is called the United Kingdom. That is short for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Named because it unites the regions of the largest island of the British Isles with the northern region of the second largest island of the British Isles.

Perhaps the Joke should have both countries dropping the "United" from their names, but that wouldn't be as funny.

Dear Mike,
Though the joke may be amusing to some,the use of 'Great Britain' is used to denote the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland', where the 'Great' portion refers to the geographical landmass and nothing else.
Just to help our Colonial Cousins and those whose knowledge of geography may make them unfamiliar with the term.(BIG Smiley!)

In tune with dropping "United" from USA, maybe we should change it to the "Great States of America". After all, isn't that what Mr. Trump is supposed to accomplish?

WHAT Beautiful Bokah print sale? (I've had company and been away from my computer for several days -- was there a print sale?)

Agree on your new favorite thing. Last spring for about $260 I added a 1 TB SSD (from Crucial
to my 13" 2012 MacBook Pro, adding to my already fully upgraded RAM (also from from Crucial). It gave new life, new speed and a lot more photo editing capacity to an aging laptop. I see now that a 2 TB SSD is available for $500.

Thank you, gamers, for helping keep quality mechanical keyboards on the market. And for more kinds of ergonomic mouses (mice?).

I may have asked this before, Mike, but is it possible to provide a smile.amazon link as well as the regular amazon link on your "buy through TOP page"?

Mike asked, "Were keyboards standardized to fit women's hands, back in the Mad Men days when women were only allowed to be secretaries, teachers, or nurses, and men weren't taught to type?"

My great uncle, who was born about 130 years ago, was a secretary at Union Carbide because only men were taught to type back in his day. Or so I've been told. Wikipedia doesn't agree.

My great uncle's brother (my grandfather) had a portable typewriter that he took on business trips. By train.

By the way, the women in my family who were not nurses were doctors and engineers -- the stories they told!

...back in the Mad Men days when women were only allowed to be secretaries, teachers, or nurses, and men weren't taught to type?

I graduated from high-school, in the southern part of California, way-back in the late 1950s—many of the male students, at my school took typing class. This is just another example of cultural differences between the eastern and western parts of the USA. I spent some time in the east, courtesy of both the USArmy and Hollywood, and I always felt that I was visiting a foreign country.

Have you heard of#CalExit? http://www.yescalifornia.org They support California seceding from the USA—The Republic of California, what a good idea 8-)

A Pro keyboard, who knew? Is it a Magic Bullet, like a full-frame-pro-body-camera 8-)

The U.K. will henceforth stand for the untied kingdom.

Amazing! The one thing you should really highlight in each post (the "Look at this!" at the bottom) and you don't have a hand pointing at it... how else are you going to afford your keyboard habit?

[Hey, good idea. I'll try it next week. --Mike]

You might take a look at keyboards designed for the visually impaired. Our library has a setup for such persons. I like the keyboard because the keys are yellow with black lettering. They are easy to read. I hate black keyboards with white lettering. The white will wear down to a grey, or they get dirty. In low light they are always hard to read. See Here:


MarkB makes a good point (haha!). People who don't see your likes are possibly reading in RSS and there the simple text links don't stand out so a graphic would be handy ;-)

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