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Sunday, 04 September 2016



Thank you for organizing such amazing artists for us! I look forward to the selections, should I start the paperwork for a home loan now? ;)

BTW, 7x17 inches sounds like the perfect format for dealing with the lakes, fields and gentle hills around you. But you only showed 4x3 format color shots from his recent visit. Did he also find scenes for his wide camera in your vicinity?


Scott, Tina and I were on a rushed three-day travel window and we concentrated on scouting/research/reference material for her painting. However I have every intention of getting back out to that area and giving the Korona a real workout.

I think I'll start calling JPEGs Si/Al prints.

Looking forward to Carl's prints. Also curious as to when the Keck contest winner's print will be shown and offered.

I go with Scott K. That 7x17 looks like the most graceful landscape format ever dreamed. I see myself using it. I hear violins and English horns.

PLatinum eh? Could this perhaps be called "rare-earth" photography, give platinum is a rare material?

Platinum and palladium are also known as "noble metals" because of their non-reactive character, so there's that...

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