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Saturday, 02 May 2015


The "other great" King, B.B. is being cared for at home by Hospice. (Soon, Jerry Lee Lewis will be the only one left. REALLY Sad.)


Thank you for remembering some of the important people most forgot.

"Stand By Me" is doo-wop? Hmmm...

RIP, Ben. E. King.

And prayers for B.B.

It's going to a sad week. BB King is now in hospice care at his home in Las Vegas.

Thank you for a wonderful memory of a better time.

R&B Legends

I had the pleasure of working on the Jay Leno Tonight Show for fourteen years - I was a systems guy, part of the general staff that rarely if ever had any interaction with the guests - or needed to. As far as music, it was hog heaven - some of the best jazz players were in the house band, and the occasional guest blues or jazz greats, along with old and new rock artists - there was a music segment almost every show.

The dressing rooms were on the ground floor, near the studio - but for the music acts there were two relatively large dressing rooms up one flight, sharing the second floor with our production offices. This was practical - multi member bands needing space, some of the divas (of either sex) in one and entourage in the other, and of course the acts that needed a bit of privacy to generate a fine cloud of smoke at the top of the stairs.

All leading up to one of my most memorable moments. I was in and out of the office dozens of times daily. One fine day (I was in my fifties) I was headed for the stairs at my usual trot, and noticed two older gents slowly starting to make their way up, holding the handrail on either side. For some reason i didn't even mention the elevator around the corner - they were busy chatting and laughing and encouraging the other, so I stepped in the middle, put my arms around both, and said "let's show 'em guys"! We made it up the fifteen or twenty steps, joking, laughing, cursing age and creaking bones, and at the top my new friend on the right gave me a bear hug and a peck on the cheek, the other a half shoulder man hug & big smile. They both looked familiar - but I wasn't sure. I assumed they were bluesmen, but this was one of the days I didn't check the guest list..... when I finally did it made my day, my week, my month. Sam Moore (Sam & Dave) and Isaac Hayes. I am thrilled to this day.

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