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Saturday, 09 August 2014


I'm sort of hoping that Mark Porter will soon have a framed Michael Kenna print on his wall… and I'm glad the police didn't have to drag the lake!

That's not a surprising story for NZ. It's still that sort of place. Iceland is another place where that wouldn't be a surprise either.

Parallel universe - You only think you've never been to NZ ;-)

The wife and I are not kiwis but we married in New Zealand, and I would be shocked to hear that someone stole your gear taking it to police out of concern for your safety strikes me as exactly the sort of thing your average New Zealander would do.

Mark Porter's comment is as good as the original post.

If Mark Porter (the commenter) ever visits New Zealand, he just might come across a camera on a tripod with a note on it that says, "Be right back - Michael Kenna."

And it's unlikely that the friendly Kiwi copper would have had a gun on his hip. they don't carry guns on routine duty. Not a perfect country, but sometimes close.

Oddly enough, I'm currently in New Zealand, visiting my daughter, her Kiwi husband, and my first grandchild. I've been here a number of times and Michael's story is quite believable. Kiwi's are quite wonderful. I've met genuinely friendly helpful people wherever I go. Michael is but a few hours drive from where we are. Lake Taupo is huge!

"Mark Porter's comment is as good as the original post."

Yes, it is.

Another plug for Kenna's Retrospective. Inspiring stuff.

Magical images, magical events...

Never mind all that - how did the picture come out? (grin)

Michael, don't ever leave your camera unattended in the country where I live, not even for a second, not even in a remote area on the Andes, the probability that you'll never see it again is very close to 1.

I do not writing a message would happen. You fall into the lake you fall into the lake. ... unless the message is a telephone no. and someone trying to call you to check whether you have fallen into the lake!

Mike, looks like you have just found your next print sale print.

Typical example of why I moved to New Zealand (from the US) nine years ago. People ask if I moved here because the country is so beautiful and unspoiled, and I reply "no, I moved here because the culture is so beautiful and unspoiled."

This is a great story, all of it! Including the responses. :-)

Michael Kenna is one of my favorite photographers, I've got several of his books and never tire of paging through them.

In this case, it seems that the difference between being a good samaritan and a thief is measured in seconds...

My own little coincidence: Just yesterday, I attended a marvellous exhibition of Michael's prints at Point Light Gallery in Sydney, and admired that particular image for some time. So strange to then see it featured on TOP the morning after.

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