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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Good luck with the moving, Mike. Its a golden opportunity to get rid of stuff you don't want/need. I say that having moved recently from Prague to Hamburg and then re-move within Hamburg to a place I want to stay in for the next 20 years, also helping to move another person out. All that in 2 months. The only casualty has been my beloved Pentax 20mm f /2.8.

Congratulations again, Mike. I hope the new TOP World HQ meets and exceeds all your expectations

That's cool. It all seems to have worked out in the end.

I have just got my car and bike license back after three and a half months, after being diagnosed with sleep apnoea. I have a CPAP machine to help me breath at night. I shall be riding around A LOT in the next couple of months, to make up for the days I've missed. So less regular posts here are at just the right time. I will of course, often be carrying a camera.

Good luck on the move,I hope the "dust settles" soon,and the blog gets back on track. Guest articles are always welcome when you are too busy to post, as I look forward to reading new stuff at TOP on a (semi) regular basis.

Best of luck with the move! I don't envy anyone shifting that pool table.

The next time I move I'll need six friends to help.

One for each handle.

(Good luck with the moving, Mike - a job I don't envy!)



The best money spent is to have someone else pack your house up. The next best money spent is to get a big dumpster delivered to your present location and do a major purge. When I did my last really big move I filled four dumpsters (big ones). Congratulations on the new house. Onwards and upwards.

Sensationally wonderful news. I offer my heartfelt congratulations on your achievement.

Really pleased for you that you've secured a new place to build TOP, Mike. Best wishes for an easy move and that the Gods go lightly when they demand their sacrifice of a cracked heiloom or a missing box of books.

Mike, Best wishes for a smooth move.

So did the sale of the new residence go through?
And did you list and or sell your current residence?

Enquiring minds are asking?
Be sure to photograph the various aspects
of the transfer of one household to another.
Build a good sized "run" for the dogs, before you actually move. And the interior of the as you wish before shifting households.

As for me; been there, done that, hope to never have to do so again.

Next household move for me shall be to the local stone orchard.

Congratulations and good luck with the move. Just think what treasures you may fine as you pack and then unpack.

Did Xander get lost in the dust too? Very keen to read the wonderful story of you two.

Quote from a few weeks ago:
"I want to get the first chapter done before I post the link for the first time. Maybe Sunday?"

Good luck with that move. One thing to be thankful for - it's easier to move to a larger space than to downsize. Just don't fill the new place up with yet more stuff.

Good luck with the move Mike. Enjoy TOP's new diggs.

You should look at taking on more guest posts while you do your move. I would love to do one on vintage glass, however I too am busy and also should be busier. Enjoy the move, I'm sure you will find things you forgot you had.

When you move your pool table recover it with really fast cloth.

Just sayin'.

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