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Monday, 12 May 2014


A retired gentleman was sitting on his front porch when a city owned truck pulled up in front of the house three doors down.

Three city workers got out of the truck with shovels.

One dug a hole while the others watched. Then a second worker filled in while the others watched. When the hole was filled a third worker stamped up and down on the loose soil and, using a hose from the truck, watered the area.

They then moved to the next house and repeated the process.

When they got to the front of the retired gentleman's house the gentleman yelled "What in tarnation are you guys doing?".

The first city worker yelled back as he dug another hole: "The guy that plants the tree in the hole is off today."

I hope they finish the 'small job' in front of your house soon, Mike. Take some time to watch, work will wait for awhile.



I was afraid there was going to be a cat in the hole!

Embedded wire...Right. I smell NSA

This is much how the parking lot at our apartments looks now, for the same reason. If there were to be a B-movie made where a town was destroyed by an infestation of giant moles, I think I know how it might look...I really need to wander over and get a few photos before it returns to something resembling normal again.

The sad part is that the management company only resurfaced the entire parking lot about a year ago, only to have the city come in and rip a bunch of it up again. Oh well.

"It's frustrating—I want to watch, but I have work to do. That's everyone, though, huh?"

Not quite. I would love to work and receive a paycheck. But I am 60 going on 61 and find myself, like a great many people of my age, surplus to requirements.

At least your potholes will be filled in. :)

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