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Sunday, 06 April 2014


"TOP: More than cats and flowers!"

Oh Mike, Mike, Mike! — Red flag; bull. He thinks, "What shall I do with this?"

Have a fine Sunday afternoon (but if a stranger knocks you might want to think twice about opening the door…)

They did that to us here in Madison a few years ago, as well as replacing the sewer lines and water lines. Spent a nice summer with a dirt road in front of us. They were quit efficient at keeping the road passable at night. Fortunately our costs weren't as high as the city had estimated.

The village of Endicott, NY did that to the street in front of our daughter's house last summer. You are in for a 'fun' summer. I hope it all goes well for you. The construction crew broke a sewer line by our daughter's house and it backed up into her cellar. She had to live in a hotel for a week while it got fixed and cleaned up. Cross your fingers and toes.

I'm unusually sensitive to noise and noise pollution, unfortunately

Buy some Peltor ear protection (like the Peltor X1A). Inexpensive but effective and they give you some control over the noise you're exposed to which reduces the stress from noise (as you can do something about it).

Invaluable in urban environments, public transport and open plan offices.


Do you own a good pair of headphones?

Take the opportunity to have a good look at the underground services attached your current house and the one your considering. I had good luck convincing the contractors to do some work on my property at a steep discount since they were already there with the equipment.

Bulldozers and backhoes!.....it's a guy thing. :-)

And a welcome change at that!☺️

At least Waukesha is actually repairing its streets! The roads here in Ann Arbor have gotten so bad and full of huge potholes that driving here reminds me most of driving in some third world nations I have visited. I would welcome some construction noise if it would save me from replacing yet another bent wheel.

Do they underground the power lines while they're at it?

Here in Australia overhead wiring tends to be the moose in the kitchen that's always been there and no-one notices. And despite promises from some governments, they stay - in some cases along streets with magnificent, pre-electric, period buildings.

It's the backup "beep beep beep" of the payloaders that drive me nuts...progress I guess....are speed bumps going in after? thats the big complant down her (florida) fast cars on the the side streets.

Should provide some nice photo opportunities to make up for the noise.

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