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Sunday, 06 April 2014


I really like both of these pictures.

Why not return to the old way of working, if you aren't satisfied? 35mm film development is easy, even without a darkroom. You can use the D800 (and I'm sure many other cameras) as a fantastic scanner if you pickup a slide copy system. I documented my experience with the D800E and Nikon bellows at the site linked to my name. I really prefer it to black and white conversions for some reason. Possibly just because I like shooting the old cameras.


Not ever having made a living from photography (corporate IT career for decades), I'm intrigued/fascinated/astonished by the idea that a single snapshot can earn $20,000. For those not in your world, and seeking to understand it, how does one DO that?


"Hands" is the best photo of the bunch. Wish it was in my budget.

OK, days have passed and nobody has addressed the elephant in the room. So I will.

How does a (very nice) photo of some trees and a street lamp generate more than $20,000 in revenue? This is not a criticism of the photograph — it’s beautiful — I just don’t know how ANY photograph generates that kind of money (notwithstanding prints from people who have been blessed with the magical endorsements of the art world, or are otherwise "known" for their prints).

Is that from print sales? Advertising? Something else?

I realize there are boundaries when it comes to such disclosures, so feel free to ignore this question if I’m crossing any. But loyal and curious readers want to know. Personally, I’m always a bit flabbergasted whenever anyone makes money from print sales, which is a sign of my own disillusionment combined with my head possibly being part way up my shady spot. After all, images are so ubiquitous and “everyone’s a photographer,” etc., that it amazes me that people put down cash in three or four digits for a print. I’m not saying it’s wrong; not at all. I’m just amazed that it happens.

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