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Thursday, 10 April 2014


More on big cameras (that actually take pictures): http://www.ianruhter.com/#s=8&mi=1&pt=0&pi=15&p=-1&a=0&at=0. The pictures are interesting and the videos show some of the process and the camera too.

There was an old photographer who lived in a camera.....

Giants of photography?

I'll bet the cafe serves their coffee in those lens mugs.

I'll have a soy, double shot no foam Summilux please.

Check out this more practical giant camera for sale via Luminous Landscape.


A friend and I have long discussed use of a 20m container as a pinhole camera. This looks bigger.
Any idea of the lens specs ;-)?

"US predator drones... 380 drone strikes have killed 3,500 adults and more than 200 children"

All while the good folks of the USA are having their civil liberties stripped in the name of protection from terrorism. Under the watch of a president awarded the Nobel Peace prize.

Please tell me this is just a bad dream.

the dreaming cafe may be "real," but does it take pictures? how many megapixels do you get with really, really large format?

I sincerely hope that the curtains for the cafe close like an aperture.

Another place to eat while surrounded by old cameras is the cafe at Dimbola Lodge, on the Isle of Wight in England.

The museum there was the home of the photographer Juliet Margaret Cameron. There are both permanent exhibitions and temporary ones. I visit there every time I go to the Isle of Wight.

For a moment I thought that the Koreans had erected a memorial to Vivian Maier.

Although the NotABugSplat post did not generate comments, don't think it was a post that was passed over as unimportant. It matters, but it also speaks for itself.

Bill- I'm certainly not without sin on this, but as long as people prefer to address novelties rather than the very things that most deeply affect their own lives (as well as those of others), we will continue to live a reality very much like one very long and very bad dream...

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