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Monday, 09 December 2013


If we all had to justify the costs of our imaging equipment, I would be buying stocks in pencil and paper companies.

I could justify a pocket camera, just not that one. Values and perspective are a wondrous thing indeed. But as the old saw goes, the best camera is the one you have with you.

Semi-related corollary: I learned long ago never to shop for lenses without bringing the camera with which to audition it on. Did that once and the 90-yr old proprietor asked, "Then why are you here?" LOL! (and lesson learned.)

The only time I root for the Cowboys is when they play the Raiders. :-)

[Interesting. I am not sure there is ever a valid reason to root for the Cowboys, although I will admit that when they play the Giants, some good will come of it somehow. [s] --Mike]

I'm stuck in Dallas due to AA's inability to deal with the ice. So I guess I will be watching the game in the hotel bar with a bunch of rowdy cowboy hat wearing Dallas fans.

[You need to examine your life and try to determine what you did to deserve this punishment. --Mike]

whoaa Mike,
hold on... I may not, as a Northern European, fully understand the customs over there when it comes to sports, or any sports anywhere, but who needs to justify owning a Ricoh GR? Picture me a fanboy, and I don't even like wide angle, but since I bought the GRD III I think I will always have some generation of these cams for as long as they keep making them. On the other hand, maybe you are doing the right thing not tempting addiction to the GR.

...and I was kidding of course about the need for justification, since we all live in the watchamacallit economy...

"Go Bears" - a signature line from the movie FARGO. Watch it and 'go bears' won't be quite the same any longer.


Just watched the match. Was the shot with the 4 ball near the end the only bank shot in the entire match?

We have to justify camera purchases? I'm in trouble.

"Every team I've ever rooted for has had a rivalry with the Cowboys."

Every right thinking American roots against the Cowboys.

Finally found a small pocket camera i like (i have big pockets)
Sony A3000, at $350 its resolution and exposure rival that of my5DMkIII.

It took me a moment, but I finally got it. You are correct, a football picture indeed. I will read anything you write even if it's not about pool.

Now that was the best game of erm.. football that I can remember you linking to ;-). Keep it up!

I hope you post about your experience with just iPhone. I have a DSLR I've lugged everywhere for years but the last couple of trips, I found that I mostly used my iPhone 5 for pictures. I think I'm getting an IPad Mini for Christmas...and that my travel load up might go from three lenses, extra batter, extra memory card, SB800, D300, Macbook Pro with charger...to an iPhone 5 and a Mini iPad. wow.

I love your stuff about pool. If you can't write about pool - the point-and-shoot of table sports - then why not see if your audience will go for snooker, the ULF format of table sports?

What?! The strong parallels between pool and photography are obvious! I mean, predicting the paths of pool balls is just another form of ray tracing, isn't it? And colour! A nicely racked set of pool balls is about the best substitute for a colour chart that I can think of! Focus, exposure, decisive moments ... all these things have analogies in pool that the alert photographer can learn a great deal from.

More pool talk!

You might not have the budget to splash out on a pocket camera but I always think it is just as fun mucking around with the accessories.


Wow, you come to Soldier Field and the Bears actually show up as well. Probably their best game in a few years. Thanks for bringing us luck, Mike.

Well, Mike, you got me to do something I never thought I would do. I actually watched an entire professional pool match on YouTube! And, you know what? It was really cool! I'm going to have to change my online handle to ChalkOnHisFingers, or something like that….. =)

I've always thought it was interesting that The Cowboys are called "America's Team" when outside of Texas, no one seems to like them much, and they seem to always be on the short list of teams one ought to root against. I'm from Philadelphia, so I am a Chicago fan right now. Eagles are now in sole possession of first place in their division - a division that includes The Cowboys.

If you can't see what's really going on in the GIF posted, I find this frame by frame version pretty cool :


(And totally off topic - It's pronounced "gif" as in "gift" as far as I'm concerned!)

Dear Mike, your Mighty Dragoon already stirs enough envy in us, the proletarian photoblog readers of this world, and now every winter we have to cop with your visits to mystic places like Lambeau and Soldier Field. I feel like a Jets fan watching Tom Brady! ;-)

(I agree about the catch, It was amazing).


The game of the week was, without doubt, the Lions-Eagles contest, played during a big, honkin' snowstorm that began before the game got underway in Philadelphia and lasted well afterward. The field was completely covered, it was difficult seeing plays (and players) through the heavy snowfall and the players really had to work to move through 8-plus inches of snow.

There must have been some record for two-point conversions as no one wanted to risk kicking extra points when they couldn't see the goal posts. It was the stuff football legends are made of. Yes, I'm sure you've seen similar in the Upper Midwest. But this game was the best this week - maybe this season.

Also, Mike, I am among those who feel that you should find room in your kit for a compact camera - just not the Ricoh GR, as lovely as it is. At an event like a football game (and most sporting events), there's just no getting around the fact that you'll need more flexibility and zoom power. May I suggest a brand-new Olymous Stylus 1?

If you think that was a catch Mike, you might want to take a look at these.
If sport is about seeing people do things no-one should be able to do, then Australian footballers are a breed apart. For the uninitiated, a 'mark' is our word for catching a ball on the full kicked by someone else. It becomes very aerial. You'll get the idea. By the way, there are 36 players on the field at all times. And I thought you were a Packers guy..?

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