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Monday, 18 November 2013


Interesting house.
A lot of dollars...Yes.
But on a cost per square foot [$127] it isn't outrageously priced.

That house would be at least a few million where I am from. It's a steal at that price. If I lived nearby, I would make an offer.

It is a cool house! Though I wouldn't want to be in charge of cleaning those windows, which I invariably would be if I lived there.

As for wasting real estate agents' time, just wait for an open house; they don't necessarily care if you're buying or not as long as they have foot traffic, because that makes the property seem interesting to the 1 person in 50 who might actually be there because they're thinking of buying it.

Quick story: I once walked into an Open House and told the real estate agent in no uncertain terms I was not going to buy the house (I couldn't even afford the down-payment), I just wanted to see it, and that she should not waste time with me but spend it with someone who might actually be looking to buy. She still insisted on giving me a tour and laying the pitch on me. Maybe she needed to practice...

All that so close to the Giant Guernsey Cow of Waukesha is pretty tempting.

Well, if it's on the market they might well run an open house; then you're not wasting anybodies time.

A water tower with no cell phone antennas on top. Something rare today.

Must be a Klein Bottle kind of house or real estate folks count in a unique manner. Total 8 rooms: 3 bedrooms, 5 (or 3?) bathrooms, living room, den, kitchen, dining room & other. Nonetheless, cheap by Southern Calif. standards.

My wife is always trying to get me to move back to Wisconsin. We could be neighbors.

It would certainly make an impressive HQ for TOP. As I'm currently looking for a house in the UK, the price, while high to you, seems amazingly low from a UK perspective.

[Hi Geoff, Housing values are quite low here, but believe it or not they're much lower in other places in the Midwest. I checked out one small central Illinois town where the most expensive homes are in the $200k+ range, many are below $100k, and a fair number are under $50k. However I would guess it's a pretty economically depressed place and probably a pretty grim place to live (especially for an outsider coming in). --Mike]

I think you should contact the realtor and say that you have no intention of buying the house but you'd like to tour it. You may find them surprisingly accommodating, especially if they see this post and understand that you've advertised their property to a wide audience.

"Unfortunately ../.. it's right across the street from the hospital."

Thus spake the youngster. Wait 'till you thank your lucky stars you
'only' live across the way from the nearest hospital ...

"I can't see my way clear to knowingly waste a real estate agent's time."

You wouldn't be wasting the real estate agent's time if you were taking interior shots with your E-M1 and sharing the results. Just sayin...

Besides, you wouldn't be the first or last person who wanted to take a look around. Tell the agent that's want you want to do and leave it up to him or her to agree or decline. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

$10,741 in Property Taxes!!! Is that what the owner of this property would have to pay every year to the local authority?

That's 1.65% of the property value per year.

Here in New Zealand I'm paying 0.5% of property value per year.

What do you get for three times the price?


Chris Stone

[Hi Chris, property taxes here pay for most local services, including free public schools, police and fire departments, libraries, parks, city streets, county roads, ambulances and emergency rooms, and many other services such as the Forestry Division (the department that takes care of the trees in town) and garbage collection and recycling. Taxes are assessed based on the value of the house, so that one's near the top of the range for my area. --Mike]

If it is for sale, Real Estate agents often have Agent-only tours to show off the house to local agents. You could call the agent up and see if you can join one of these.

Sydney, Australia calling... if only $650k was the high end of the market here, I might actually be able to afford to buy...

The median house price in Sydney is now $722,000, with five of the most affluent suburbs having a median above $1,000,000


This crop seems to be the same image (though with more PP?) and has an unreadable photographers credit on the bottom right of the image.


I see the real estate folks are not so good with photo credits :-)

A beautiful house with awful furniture. I can't begin to imagine what a challenge it must be to heat the living room in winter...

One floor for books, one for the TOP World HQ, and one for everything else.

Ha! Here is what $649,000 will buy you in my neck of the woods:

I am absolutely not making that up.

[Impressively small, but that's with a lake view...consider that lakeside homes around here are roughly 2-3x the price of the same house when landlocked. Water always seems to add to the price. --Mike]

Here in Montreal we gloated for decades that it was both an interesting place to live and astoundingly cheap. But for the past 10-15 years, things have gone wild. Last week I saw a listing in my old neighbourhood for a small two-storey house with three bedrooms and a nice little yard out back. Great location, etc. The kind of thing that would have sold for $250,000 15 years ago and people would not have believed that anyone would pay so much for a little house.

I assumed it was in the $700,000 range now. Nope. $1,175,000. Ow.

Location, location, location. Here in California this thing would be worth several times the asking price depending on exactly where it was.

Fantastic house. It's great to see a classy old structure reborn as a home. Here's another, a bit stranger and also more expensive.


Our farm is next to an abandoned Atlas site but when it was decommissioned all the structures were demolished. During the Cuban Missile crisis all three birds were stood up with warheads in place.
It thoroughly freaked my father in law out which is understandable.

Wow that is a cool house. Love it. But for goodness sakes $11,000 in property tax on a $650K home? In Seattle - $650K gets you a 4 bedroom house but you only pay $7K in taxes - which I thought was high until I saw that.


That's a bargain. Housing has got so ridiculous here in Australia that a house like that, almost regardless or where it is, would be well over $1Million. If it was in a good suburb it would be in the $2M + bracket.

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