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Thursday, 17 October 2013


Lens Rentals' Roger Cicala, who plays daily with the best lenses in the world, on the 24-70 II: "If I say there are 4 billion stars in the Milky Way, everyone accepts that. If I say the paint is wet, everyone checks for themselves. I’m not sure which path people are going to take with this statement: This is the best standard-range zoom ever made. By any manufacturer. Ever. It’s not close."

Man, that's a smokin' deal on both of those products.

"This is the best standard-range zoom ever made. By any manufacturer. Ever. It’s not close."
I completely agree with Roger. I had no intention of updating my original version of the lens, which I felt was pretty near perfect. But after seeing the new version it was a no-brainer. It's simply perfect. Little reason to ever remove it.

Except, of course, to mount the longer EF 70-200 F2.8L II IS which is also incredibly better.

Awesome 6D price...if this were The Film Era, I'd be buying a second body. But it's The Digital Era and I wasn't born yesterday.

Just closer to what they ought to charge for these cameras and lenses. If they can afford these 'sale prices' they can do it as the normal price.

I've been reading reviews of this lens and trying not to fall in to the trap that is confirmation bias. PhotoZone gave a less flattering review than that of LensRentals. But optically speaking, I'm sure the lens is more than most people could ever need. I thought about buying it, then noticed that I mainly use my only zoom, a 70-200mm F/4.0 IS L, as a 70mm prime (the lens was a gift). That fact had a larger influence on my decision in not buying the lens than either of those reviews.

Darn. I wanted a spare for my 7D body, and was hoping for prices to come down on those. To get a 6D for less than what the 7D is currently going for, I would have pulled the trigger. But, a day late and a body short...

Have to disagree with Ken. My example of the original Canon lens was such a dog, it answered to Fido and would lick me to pieces some days.

The 24-70 may well be the standard zoom that tests the best, but I'd never buy one. I owned it's predecessor and found myself constantly missing the extra reach of the FD 28-85 f/4 I gave up when going digital.

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