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Friday, 30 August 2013


How can you do any better than TOP Books? Sounds like a top shelf book and has a built in link to your website.

I am very disappointed that we won't get to see Mark Surloff's book for some time.

[Hi Ram, Me too, but Mark's pictures range from traditional 4x5 B&W negatives to conversions from small-sensor color digicam files, and I want to hire Ctein to prep the images for the press so the files will have the highest possible consistency. That will take some time and some money. As I said some time back, I'm hoping each book will earn enough to pay for the next one. --Mike]

I hope the delay of Mark Surloff's book won't be too long. I've really been looking forward to it.

say it ain't so!

what about a ctein, carl weese, or, *ahem* mike johnston photobook?

Didn't there used to be a TOP camera, many years ago (like 45 years ago) ?

[Hi Paul, Topcon (Tokyo Kogaku) built cameras from 1937 to 1981, including the RE Super of 1963, the first SLR with open-aperture TTL metering. The company still exists, as an affiliate of Toshiba. --Mike]

Please, add this one to TOP's first book:


"prep the images for the press so the files will have the highest possible consistency"

I'm interested in book production, especially as I'm stuck with the notion that the only way to appreciate a photograph is to face-to-face on "paper"

What does highest possible consistency mean? I'm curious how you're going to manage the pre-press manipulation of images when they come from a wide variety of sources. Will you have to get every contributor's approval of any changes? Or only accept contributions where the photographer waives such a thing? Such compilations have been done before of course.

I am happy that you are announcing your intentions to ask for photographs for the book.

Last two times I missed sending one: the first time (first reader contest) since I took my time to decide and I was waiting for the next request, that never came; this last time I just missed it, it happened in one of the few weeks that I have not consistently read the blog.

None is your fault, just bad luck, but I will be alert now, just participating in the contest and getting some feedback (if I pass the first round that is) will be a very nice experience.

I am looking forward to see the resulting book.

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