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Saturday, 01 June 2013


There go those sanctimonious unions again complaining about workers' rights! Haven't they already caused enough havoc with their demands for: hunch breaks, eight hour days and two day weekends?

BTW- The future of the Sun-Times can be found on that USA Today piece, the one with two links to Jennifer Aniston.

Stan B.
Shop Steward
SEIU 1021

I keep getting the feeling that the Sun-Times are shooting themselves in the knees with this very shortsighted decision. I predict a slide in sales now that their photos are going to suck.

The photo essay is brilliant! And then they went and fired the guy who took those pics the next year? What a bunch of idiots...

I note, with a strong sensor of irony, that the John Kim's photo essay is presented as a Flash movie that has the form of a video with a "soundtrack" rather than a UI for a photo slideshow.

The management can't beleive that photos can stand for themselves or that viewers can make decisions for themselves to view an image. I think that sums up the whole problem.

And this photoblog is just too good to miss:
Laid off from the Sun-Times. http://laidofffromthesuntimes.tumblr.com/

One of the recently fired photographers of the Sun-Times documents the process of being unemployed with the outmost irony - by using an iPhone camera.

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